Save Money. Be Happy.

You are the consummate shopper. You make sure you’ve got the best price before you put your money down. You comparison-shop and know the price of everything you buy. You’ve got a box of coupons and insist that your partner play the clip-and-save game with you.

Before I applaud your willingness to save money by spending less, let me warn you that if you shop around, compare prices, and patiently wait for the sales so you can save $20 on a toaster, and then you turn around and spend that $20 on anything else – no matter how needed – you haven’t saved anything at all.

Nope. You’re just pretending to save.

To “save” means to take the money out of your cash flow and put it somewhere where it remains unspent. You may have a short-term goal for that money… like buying a new computer. Or you may be putting that money away for the long term – like retirement. But you have put the money somewhere and can look at it and say, “Hey, I saved that money.”



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