Money is only a Tool

Aldea wrote:  I have seen many who attach emotion to their dollar bill.  Some latched on to money like a child to a parent.  Some see money as hope, others as a curse.  Some try to get rid of it as soon as possible like avoiding authority figures.  Figures *chuckle*

As a child I had no attachment to money.  I lent money, worked and made money, then gave it away again.  After the bureau said I could have a credit card, I gave away my money then borrowed from my card.  This lasted a couple years but my debt was only about  $2000.  I had a relationship with my money, loving and hating it from shortly after my 16th birthday until now.  I moved out young cause my father molested me, I told my mom who divorced my father, then moved her 6 children as far away from him as possible which only gave him a home and his fortune and made us all homeless and poor.  I watched the woman I admired most and who most I know admired her, give up her class to push for her children to survive.

Thanks to my mother, I never gave up.  Knowing what the bottom looks like, how the cold hard floors feels, everything else feels soft and warm, looks beautiful and smells fresh.  I am at peace.  Am I in debt?  Yes.  Although I have worked hard to pay my bills, I owe because of my student loan of $30 000 and because I am taking on my partner’s debt also, which brings us up to $96 000.  He has quite the variety and is emotionally connected to his dollar.  I am helping him through it and one day again, for hopefully longer than a few years, I will be free of debt.  The goal, to purchase a house by the end of next year, raise a family, and to continue to live happily ever after. 🙂

I want to say thank you, for all you do, for all you have done for me personally.  I have watched you for the last 3-4 years now.  When I become depressed and numbers don’t work, thanks to you, I go back to the basics; reach for the jars, work the numbers, and stop grading myself by the numbers that I don’t have.  As much and as many of times I’ve wanted to reach into that TV screen, pull you out of that box and show you my papers while begging for help, you helped, just by watching, listening and believing. “Money is only a tool.”  Life will always challenge our strengths but if we never give up, we can never fail.  Thank you Gail.

Aldea Williams

3 Responses to “Money is only a Tool”

  1. Wow. Congratulations. You are an inspiration.

  2. You are strong. And you will be fine.

  3. Dearest Aldea,

    Not Only Is Your Story Motivational But Your Personal Life — Its Triumphs, Its Tragedies — Are Truly Inspirational.

    You Have Learned A Powerful Lesson In Regards To The Value Of Money And Will Continue To Carry That Very Same Virtue For The Rest of Your Life…You Were Raised By A Strong & Dedicated Mother Who Clearly Carried On Her Life’s Legacy Of Morally-Correct Ethics, Values, Love & Worth Through The Actions Of Her Loving Daughter.

    Thank You For Sharing This Wonderful Peice Of Your Journey With Us.

    P.S. I Want To Thank Gail (and John) For Using Their Due Diligience And Publishing This Piece In Its Raw & Original Full Entirety. Sure, Some May Find It Offensive, But That Is Their Own Perspective: You, However, Were Able To See The Beauty & Value Of The Message Within…Through Its Moments Of Misery & Triumph And You Passed On A Message That is Perhaps, In Many Ways, More Powerful, Thought-Provoking, Emotional and Moving Than You Will Ever Know… 🙂

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