I trust Gail’s advice

I just read your soon going to be done blogging!
Your books, blogs, radio show have helped me out so much!

When the kids got older and involved in so many activities, I used to dump it on the credit card and then spend the next month or two paying it off.

But now I write out everything that is not a monthly bill (sports, car reg, property taxes) that’s due in a year and divide it by 12 and move that portion into another account. Now when something is due, there’s money there!

I love your pep talks on “house porn” TV shows, the need to live within your means, and to live a meaningful life (not a materialistic life).

You were awesome in a TV interview with some other “big wigs” who were all about people getting out there to spend, spend, spend and you challenged their thinking about how awful that was to give that advice! You rock!

You nudged me to get our wills updated with POA and POC, the importance of Critical Illness insurance, an emergency fund, and waiting/saving to purchase things.

I’m going to be 44, my husband 49.
We have both vehicles and our house paid off.
We have $$ in the emergency fund.
We have pensions through work but also started TFSAs.

The kids are 13 and 11, and on payday, I show them the budget, our pay, and where the $$ goes. We talk money topics all the time and they are very grateful children.

Unfortunately, my hubby will be out of work in a month (first time EVER!) And although it dampens my financial goals, thanks to all your advice, we will be ok! I’m currently looking for FT work (I’m an RN) and things will be ok!

I’m going to miss your blogs (and I’m missing your radio show). I used to listen to it Tuesday mornings while I cooked ahead and did some baking! I trust your advice and love how you put current events into perspective and your rationale when banks and the government make poor decisions.

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