I have a back up plan!

5 years ago I was in debt about 12k. I had never told my husband so I decided one day to sit with him and tell him everything about my financial problems and the steps I took to solve them.

I had a plan to be debt-free by 2013, to start an emergency fund (6 months of essential expenses), having a different accounts for the cat, the house etc. I explained everything to him and I think it was the best thing I have ever done! He was understanding and did not start to lecture me at all! I was so ashamed of my mistakes but knew that I had to tell him. What a relief to have his support!

Anyway, in 2013, I made my last payment on my debt and my emergency fund was well underway.

On February 15th 2016, I can say my emergency fund is also done! I’d put aside a big chunk of my bonus that I got from my job and by doing it, I was able to get the 6 months that Gail recommends to have. It is a good feeling to know that if anything happens, I have a back up plan! Thank you again Gail. Obviously, we are doing the hard work, but you gave some good advice that helped us in our life.

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  1. Awesome news! Congratulations!

  2. Happy that your hard work has paid off! I hope you never have an emergency but it adds so much security to have 6 months set aside. Good for you!

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