We did it!

You confirmed what I tried to do 11 years ago. And also, you gave me great ideas on handling my debt. 11 years ago we were $30,000 in debt and had a $110,500 mortgage. Every payday we split up our money to different bills and housekeeping expenses as well as made double payments on our credit card. We prudently put money aside in a separate account for house repairs and more importantly paid ourselves a monthly allowance for personal expenses. After the credit card bill was paid off we aggressively made extra payments on our mortgage paying off the 25 year mortgage in 9 years and 7 months. Today we still are very careful with our money and although our retirement income is less, it’s more than adequate. Any amount over $10 we put on a credit card. Don’t be disappointed at that Gail as we put the money aside and pay off the balance of the credit card once a month. The credit card company gives us points we transfer to groceries.

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