We make the best of what we have

I am 36 and reside in Kenora, Ontario (on beautiful Lake of The Woods). I’m married to with two children ages 12 and 6. I’m not usually watching TV or feel compelled to write anyone, but with your show it hit me differently. I often watch your show, one of my favorites and have been watching segments for years.

I just wanted to share with you that I’m a hard worker, my husband too. He works for Canadian Pacific Railway and I am an Aquafit Instructor/Personal Trainer part time and work full time at a public health clinic. I had a hip replacement at the age of 29 and even landed a page in Arthritis Today magazine and was member spotlight for Can Fit Pro.

My husband and I have been using jars and envelopes to save money (unable to send pics or I would). I was able to pay for our Disney trip CASH, a few years ago. I keep a food/meal calendar every two weeks.  My Aquafit money I call my ” play money” with taking home about $300 -$400 monthly on top of our income.  We are like many people our age (41) who want to have “new everything”. We simply cannot. Sometimes we feel bad going out with friends because we don’t have that snow machine to go out sledding with or that extra quad. But tell you what, we make the best of what we’ve got! Finally last year, we can proudly say we own everything in our home. That is a nice feeling. No more furniture payments.

I’ve started buying good used clothing, for example last week I bought our daughter a used Columbia jacket (because it’s the name thing, right?) $30.00!!! Perfect condition. Earlier this month we bought, yes a toy. A snow machine!! Is it new? Certainly not- $1200 /23yrs old but it runs good!

I just wanted to share our successes with you, from watching your show and another friend’s guidance, even with my health barriers/physical limitations with my hip but I work hard, it’s never stopped from working and earning extra for my family.

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  1. so happy for you! it is a great feeling to 1. live within your means and 2. be debt free. Have a wonderful life.

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