Getting to DEBT FREE… Your Story

You wanted a place where you could share your successes, your trials and tribulations, your tips and techniques, and I give you Your Story – Getting to Debt Free.

Go to the Your Questions section on my home page to submit your story. Make sure you check the “Success Post” box or your story might get lost among the hundreds of questions I get every week. Since we don’t plan to correct anything you write — this is, after all, YOUR story — make sure it looks the way you want it to when you submit it because it’s going up exactly as is.

The first thing to include is your name (whatever name you wish to use) and the category you want the story posted under. You can choose from:

  • How I’m Doing
  • My Best Strategy
  • What’s Stopping Me
  • I’m Debt Free
  • I Need Ideas

Make sure you add one of these labels, along with a title for your story. So the first line before you write your story might look like this:

Maria’s Story, I’m Debt Free, Hurrah! I’m DF!

Then we’ll post it as Maria’s Story: Hurrah! I’m DF! under the category “I’m Debt Free.” If you leave any of these things off, your story won’t get posted, so pay attention.

Once we receive your submission, we’ll make sure it’s on theme and then add it to the Your Story pages. Others will be able to comment and give feedback. Anyone who is rude or mean will get a Virtual Gail Smack: you’ll be deleted and blocked.

This is a good place to shout your success, share ideas and support each other as you figure out your money and how to create the life you want. As Claire said:

Less secrets, more sharing can never be a bad thing!

Finally, I want you to know how proud I am of you all. Your determination to take control of your money and your life is inspiring, and I hope you’ll motivate even more people to believe that they CAN be debt free. Belief is the first step. Since we all waver from time to time, on-going support from friends moving in the same direction does wonders to reaffirm our commitment to achieving whatever goals — large or small — we’ve set for ourselves. And since we all have good ideas to share, this will be a great place to urge each other on, suggest ways to tweak a plan, or applaud the efforts in taking control.

So now it’s up to y’all to make this space as rich and rewarding as it can be. Tell your story. Share your successes. If you’re so frustrated you want to scream, scream here! We’re listening. We want to hear what you have to say. We’ll shower you with virtual hugs and kisses, or kick your butt, or whatever else it is that you want. Ask, and you shall receive.


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My daughter watched your show one night, and began to cry. I have nothing Mom, my future looks dim. I have no savings or nothing for retirement. After your show, she did a complete switch and followed your rules and now she is planning for her future. She made a budget binder, and is now […]

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Debt Free – Completely – One of the best thoughts/feelings that I’ve ever had. Back in 2011 my husband was talking with me a lot about paying extra towards the house. The internal conflict that we had is (selfishly) my 1980’s kitchen and how deeply I wanted to renovate it. In August of 2011 we […]

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I love your show – I have a budget and me and my husband stick to it pretty well. I do our bills every two weeks and review our finances to see where we are spending, etc. And my husband and I give ourselves an allowance to spend on whatever, no questions asked. My problem […]

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Back in the beginning of May 2014, the HR manager at the company I work for called me in and said that she wanted to hire my husband.  He was laid off from this company in 2008 and now has a full time job elsewhere.  So since he likes a good challenge, he decided to […]

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Recently my husband fell ill with a terminal diagnosis and one of his expected responses, was “how was I going to be?” How was he going to leave me, financially? etc. Thanks to you and being a bit of a TV stalker on your shows, we are in awesome shape, for either to leave. We […]

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After high school I got a credit card and spent the next few years travelling and having a great time. By the time I was 25 I had about $12,000 in credit card debt and was having trouble sleeping at night. I felt like I was drowning but kept spending money to try to keep […]

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I’ve been a big fan of yours since I left my money moron and started living financially responsibly. I watched TTDUP every chance I got and absorbed every detail because it reinforced how I’d always felt. It was so validating. I’d been bullied into bad financial decision after bad decision and never, ever wanted to […]

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30 years ago when I argued with my friends that they do not owe their children a university education, I was made to feel like I was alone in my beliefs. When my children were 12 and 15 I sat them down and told them I would meet them dollar for dollar. They did not […]

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