Tracking Your Money The Gail Way

The Gail Way


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A brief outline of what you'll get...

I was sitting at dinner one night with some friends. They’ve been reading drafts of my new book, Money Rules, (due out in January 2013, but likely released in time for Christmas December 2012) when Girlfriend turned to me and said, “Is there a rule about what to do with the information you have in your Spending Journal?”

Good question. It prompted a lot of discussion about how a Spending Journal works and how it dovetails with a Budget. Boyfriend turned to me and said, “You know, if Girlfriend is going to use it, you’ve got to spell it out with plenty of pictures.”

He wasn’t being mean. He was simply commenting on Girlfriend’s need for concrete examples and step-by-step instructions. It got me thinking. Maybe there are a whole bunch of people who turn their heads to the side quizzically when I say, “Use a Spending Journal,” or “Track that info in your Budget.”

It’s taken me weeks to get this right. And I’ve passed it by a number of people to see if they can use it. If there’s too much detail in the instructions for you, remember that there are heaps of people who need loads of instructions, which is why I’ve done it this way.

The worksheets are available for download for a package cost of $4.99.
They include:

• Spending Analysis worksheet and instructions
• Spending Journal worksheet with examples
• Budget worksheet, which includes the Life Pie and The Jars.

I strongly recommend that you do NOT shortcut the process by skipping the Spending Analysis component.

If you don’t have any paperwork because you’re a dope and threw your statements away

  • track forward for at least three months using the Spending Journal
  • then do the Spending Analysis
  • then make the Budget

If you’re an expert at excel, you can do this for yourself. You don’t need to buy the package. If you’ve got a system that works, please save yourself the five bucks and stick with what you’ve got.

I’ve created this package for all the people who keep writing to me to ask for budgets, spending analysis worksheets and budget binder pages.

If you’ve always been afraid of THE BUDGET, if you think facing up to where your money has been going will be tough, if you’ve a mind to just keep ducking and hiding, go ahead. Don’t waste your money on this package if you’re not going to use it. If you’re serious about getting your financial life sorted out, download away and get busy. It’ll take some hard work. But you won’t be sorry.

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