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When to Say Yes and How to Say No.


My New Book - Money Talks by Gail Vaz-OxladeYou know what I’ve found to be many people’s toughest money problem? The folks they share their money with!

I get loads of letters from people who can’t figure out how to get their brother out of their basement, their moms to stop hitting them up for money, or their mates to see that saving is important. The letters have a common theme: Gail, how do I get through to them?

Money Talks is my answer to how to tell your mate, your father, your best friend or your roomie it’s time for a change. Whether it’s brothers fighting over the future of the family cottage, roommates arguing over whose shopping is really making them late with the rent, or parents wondering when their adult child will ever leave the nest, the “money” gets blamed for what is actually our own inability to figure out the real problem and deal with it objectively.

With over 75 different scenarios I’ll help you see your own situation through stories that reflect what you’re experiencing. I’ll give you the language to negotiate effectively, and show you that for each problem there are steps you can take to find a solution.

Have a bully in your life? Wish your sister would grow the hell up and stop counting on you parents to save her butt? Want to tell your mate that dreaming is only the first step in making a better life? Money Talks will show you how.

I’ll bet that there are people you recognize as you read Money Talks—and one of them just might be you. !ndigo Chapters


Money Rules: (updated)
Rule your money or your money will rule you

Money Rules by Gail Vaz-OxladeYour money is YOUR responsibility. If you won't take the time to figure out how it works, you shouldn't be surprised when it doesn't work for YOU.

A lot of people out there are going to try to get your money to work for them. Retailers want you to spend it. Bankers want you to borrow and pay them interest. Investment advisors want you to put your money where it does their sales targets the most good.

You’re working hard for your money. Don’t you want to put that money to use for YOU ? Don't you want it to serve YOUR needs and wants?

Money Rules is the truth about what you need to know about money, and who’s going to try to pull one over on you. Some of these rules debunk older rules that should never have been rules because they’re wrong. Some are misunderstandings that we think are rules because they’re repeated so often. And some of the rules are plain ol’ common sense.

I want to show you how to turn common sense into money in the bank. !ndigo Chapters

Saving for School

$27,000. That’s the average debt hanging around the necks of Canadian graduates. So when your son or daughter dons their cap and gown and looks to the future, they’re looking at years and years and years of payments.

It doesn’t have to be that way. A little saved now will mean less debt later. So why don’t more parents use RESPs?

  • They don’t understand how they work
  • They say they can’t come up with the money
  • They don’t know about the grant – the free money
  • They aren’t convinced their kids will need their help
  • The language and rules seem to complicated

Want to learn the ins and outs of RESPs? Want to understand the easiest way to put money in and the most tax-effective way of taking money out? Ready to get your hand on up to $7,200 of FREE money? !ndigo Chapters


It’s Your Money:
Becoming a Woman of Independent Means

It's Your Money: Becoming a Woman of Independent MeansA fresh and fully updated edition of my classic money management guide for women

Over the years I’ve found that an astonishing number of smart, competent women are relinquishing financial control. It’s Your Money is designed to inspire and inform you to take charge of your money and your life, and come to terms with what you have to do to get to where you want to be.

This book will help you come to terms with why you deal with your money as you do. It will help you to establish a solid financial foundation on which to build as you move through your life. And it’ll show you how to cope when the caca hits the fan without adding financial stress to your burden. Whether you find yourself the sole breadwinner in a family, dealing with aging parents or coping with divorce or widowhood, I’ll show you how to keep your financial life on track.

It’s Your Money is a book women can turn to in good times and in bad. And if you’re a guy, reading it won’t make your penis fall off!

What this book will do, if you are a willing participant in the process, is help you uncover your personal feelings and attitudes towards money. It will provide you with information and proven techniques for positive money management. It will be a guide to what you must think about to stay on an even keel and keep money in its proper place in your life. It will ask you many questions that you must answer for yourself if you want to discover how to achieve financial health. By answering these questions, you will make some discoveries. You will find that money management is easy. You will learn new ways of dealing with money. You will achieve the results you want. ~ From It’s Your Money !ndigo Chapters

Money-Smart Kid$

 Money-Smart Kid$Want to teach your kids to see money as a tool, not a trap? Determined to help them avoid the mistakes you made?

As a parent you want the best for your kids. You work hard to provide every advantage you can. You want them to be safe, smart and healthy. Yet, when it comes to money, it’ s a whole different story. If you’ re like most people, you’ d rather run a mile through a desert with a camel on your back than talk financial realities with your children.

Your parents told you that talking about money just wasn’ t polite. Look where that left you! A healthy, balanced attitude towards money begins when kids are just toddling, so pull your head out of the sand and roll up your sleeves. Money-Smart Kids will teach you everything your children need to know. I believe that building confidence and money skills starts with an age-appropriate allowance. In Money-Smart Kids, I’ll show you how to start an allowance and use it effectively to help your kids:

  • make saving a habit
  • learn the difference between a need and a want
  • use the “ magic jars” to balance competing goals
  • create life-long money management skills

What better gift could you give your kids than the confidence to control their money, rather than letting their money control them? !ndigo Chapters


Never Too Late

Never Too LateSo you wanted to know how to get to retirement with enough. But no matter where you looked, all you could find was stuff you couldn’t make heads or tails of, or that downright depressed you.

Look again! My new book, Never Too Late, shows you how to get to where you want to be without burying you in technical mumbo-jumbo or scaring you to death. Follow the plan in Never Too Late (you’re going to have to do some work, so come ready) and you will actually know once and for all how much you should be saving for your retirement and your future. No crap! No outrageous numbers! Just a solid plan you can follow. Imagine that!

This is the best book for figuring out a plan that will work for YOU. Never mind what The Spurts tell you that you’ll need. The only number that counts is the number that will get YOU to where YOU want to be.

Once you’ve figured that out – and I’ll help you – the rest will be up to you. I can’t make you save. And I won’t beat you over the head with tales of cat-food and destitution. (Hey, cat food may be too good for you if you don’t wake up and start putting a little sumthin’ sumthin’ aside.)

I will tell you that having read Never Too Late you’ll know:

  • Where you are now,
  • Where you want to be, and
  • How to get started by finding the money, narrowing down your investment options, and executing your plan.

    Yup, you can do it! Are you ready? !ndigo Chapters


Debt-Free Forever


Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s brand of money management isn’t full of tricks. There’s no hidden agenda. There’s no mystery. As Gail says, “Money isn’t rocket science—it’s discipline.” Gail has made it her life’s mission to make money management something everyone can do. And she won’t take no for an answer. Hers is a style that’s unique, with a voice that is demanding, and an approach that is holistic.

Debt-Free Forever will help readers take responsibility for, and control of, their money. Gail’s rules are simple: you can’t spend money you don’t have, you must save something, and if you’re in debt, you must get the albatross off your back. But Gail knows following the rules can be tough. That’s why Debt-Free Forever gives you a roadmap to getting out of the red in 36 months or less. By following Vaz-Oxlade’s detailed plans and drawing on her unflagging faith in people’s ability to take control, readers will reach the right destination: a debt-free life.

Don’t buy this book if you’re a wuss. Don’t buy this book if you’re a whiner. Don’t buy this book if you hate the idea of doing whatever it takes—no matter how hard—to get out of the mess you made. This book will make you squirm. This book may make you cry. This book is the way to move from the crappy place you are now to a wonderful life where you are in control.
From Debt-Free Forever !ndigo Chapters

Easy Money

Easy money Book coverBOOK DESCRIPTION

Wish you could find a money book that doesn’t make your eyes glaze over or your brain hurt? Easy Money is for you. I know you work hard for your money, so I want you show you how to make the most of it. Budgeting, saving, and getting your debt paid off have never been so easy to understand or do.

This book is part of the Good Reads series: short books by best-selling Canadian authors aimed at adult literacy and ESL readers.

When I was approached by publisher Grass Roots Press, which wanted to create a series of low-literacy, high-interest books, I was surprised to learn what a problem literacy is for many Canadians. I know that those new Canadians for whom English is a second language are struggling to find resources, but I had no idea that 48% of Canadians were at or below Level 2 readers, defined as people who do not read well and deal only with material that is simple and clearly laid out. Yup, over 10 million Canadians are working at marginal or modest levels of literacy.

I strongly encourage you to visit to learn more about the Good Reads series.  If you have someone in your life who finds reading a challenge, spread the word or give a gift. Those of us who can read easily take this skill for granted. Those of us for whom reading is a struggle now have a place to go for interesting and engaging books that are easy to manage. !ndigo Chapters