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The Language of Hoofbeats by Catherine Ryan Hyde When Jackie and Paula move to a small town to facilitate Paul’s vet practice, Jackie wonders if they’ve done the right thing. How will their young adopted son and two teenage foster children, including the troubled Star, adjust to the quiet? And then there is their crabby neighbor, Clementine, who disapproves of their lifestyle and is incensed when Star befriends her horse, Comet. But Star and Clementine have more in common than the over of a horse. And Jackie must learn to deal with her own feelings about Clementine for the good of her family. There are some heart-in-your-throat moments, some laugh out loud moments and some, awwww moments. Good read.

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare tells the story of Tessa Gray who travels from America to England to find her brother. Before leaving America she’s unaware of the magic waiting for her on the other side of the pond. She’s kidnapped by the Dark Sisters who push her until she finally breaks… and in that breaking discovers a rare ability to transform into another person. She takes refuge amongst the Shadowhunters, warriors who keep the balance in the world of warlocks, vampires and other supernatural folk. Determined to save her brother, Tessa must also figure out how she feels about best friends James and Will.

Hero by Perry Moore is so good that comic book legend Stan Lee deemed it “spellbinding” and “totally original”. Pretty high praise. It is unusual to have a superhero who is gay. Thom is keeping it a secret because he’s afraid to disappoint his dad and he’s afraid of how everyone else will respond. Particularly the people who have asked him to join the League. This is a league of superheros, some of who are aspiring, some of who are legends. It’s messy work being a superhero, and when it turns out that not everything in the League is as it seems, Thom has to be even braver than he thought he could be. Rumour has it Stan Lee likes this book so much he’s developing

Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott is a book I’ll read again and again, and I don’t often say that. Part autobiography, part lessons on being a writer, it’s funny and informative. Anne doesn’t pull her punches. She tell people who say they want to be writers that there is only one choice available — commitment to the process itself. “The real payoff is the writing itself, that a day when you have gotten your work done is a good day, that total dedication is the point.” From motivation to neurosis, Anne shies away from nothing. She’s taught writing workshops for many years and gives tips to make writing less intimidating.

Blue Lightening by Ann Cleeves When Inspector Jimmy Perez takes his fiancé home to meet his parents, Fran wonders if she could live in such a isolated place. Fair Isle is a tiny island that is a bird-watcher’s paradise. He’s supposed to be on vacation, but when one of the locals is murdered, Jimmy puts on his Inspector hat and gets busy. And then there is another murder. Cripes! Ann Cleeves manages to keep you guessing right to the very end of the book. This is the first of her books that I’ve read, but I’ll go back for more.

The Doll Maker by Richard Montanari was really creepy. Children are being murdered and then posed, like dolls. Detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano are trying to figure out what is going on. Then seven days later there are two more victims, along with a doll left as a message. Or is it a threat? Fast-paced and suspenseful from the very first paragraph, the mystery holds to the very end. And then there are the creepy Annabelle and Mr. Marseille who love tea parties and beautiful porcelain dolls.




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  1. Ann Cleeves “Vera” series is even better I think, but I love reading Shetland set novels. And the Peter May triology set in the Hebrides is also wonderful.

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