The Disability Tax Credit

There are two types of disability tax credits: non-refundable and refundable.  Non-refundable tax credits can reduce tax owed to zero, but can’t be used to get a refund. A refundable credit can reduce your tax below zero and provide you with a refund.

The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) is a non-refundable tax credit, which means that someone who has low or no income will not benefit from this credit. However, the credit is transferable. So someone who qualifies could transfer all or a portion of the DTC to a spouse – legal and common law — who can then reduce his/her tax payable.

A lot of confusion comes from is the fact that the criteria for qualifying for the DTC is not precise.  In 2001, the criteria were expanded to include life sustaining treatments requiring 14 hours per week or more. In 2005 the criteria were expanded further to include the time needed to calculate dosage for medications that require dosage on a daily basis.

To simplify the qualifying criteria, the condition must exist for longer than 12 months, and must markedly affect one or more of the basic functions of life, which include walking, eating,  speaking, and self-care, or require a significant time commitment to manage life sustaining treatments.

You are eligible for the disability amount only if a qualified practitioner certifies that you have a severe and prolonged impairment and it’s effects on the form T2201, and the form is approved. There is a self-assessment questionnaire available on the T2201 form itself, so you can have a look-see to determine if you might qualify.  Also on the form are definitions of “life sustaining treatment” along with other terms. If you believe you may qualify, proceed with an application. No harm is done if you don’t receive approval but tremendous benefits can be claimed if you are.

If you are approved for the DTC, it is usually retroactive and in place for several years. Once approved, claims for the past years are done through a T1 adjustment. In the event that the approved taxpayer does not require the entire credit, an adjustment must also be done for a spouse’s or parent’s return.  These adjustments are processed manually by the tax centre so they may take some time, but they can result in large refunds.

Here are some examples for you:

  • A man and his wife have never applied for the credit.  Based on statements by the husband, their accountant recommended that they request their doctor to complete a T2201 form to apply for the DTC based on the wife’s deteriorating condition due to dementia/Alzheimers. The husband was reluctant due to the fact that his wife was in denial about the severity of her impairment. The application was approved retroactive to 2004. After adjustments, the couple received over $7,000 in refunds.
  • A couple with young children have been challenged by the wife’s cancer diagnosis. Her condition requires ongoing travel for treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital. Her application was approved and her taxes were reduced by $1,700 in 2007. In addition, she applied for credits for travel and meals for the trips into Toronto for the treatment.
  • A gentleman experienced a rapid decline after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, passing away within four months of the diagnosis. We processed a DTC application after his death and were able to adjust the return for the year he died.  And a portion of the credit was transferred to his common law partner.

If you think you may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, here are the steps you need to follow?

  1. Download the T2201 form from the CRA website.  There is also a fillable version of the form.
  2. Have your doctor complete the form. Most family doctors are familiar it. They may charge you a small fee for completing the form.
  3. Send the form into the CRA and wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Your application is reviewed to ensure that you meet the criteria.

Once you are approved, you will receive a letter indicating to which years any retroactive approval is available. The letter will also indicate how long you may claim the deduction without having to reapply.

For retroactive years, you can download an adjustment form or request that your tax preparer complete the form for you. Send the form in and wait. And wait. And wait!  These adjustments often take 6 – 8 weeks to process.

If you or your spouse will be claiming this credit, you should update your withholding information at your workplace by completing a new TD1 form. This will reduce the tax withheld on each pay, putting the money into your hands sooner rather than waiting for your tax return to be assessed.

Remember, once you are eligible for the DTC, you are automatically qualified for the Registered Disability Savings Account including all the grants and bonds.

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  1. And as far as i know the doctor fills them out and sends them in. i don’t think you need to be there. It’s a Clarification Letter they sent him or her . Something like this .

  2. avatar Jack Bealieu Says:
    September 6, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Bella mine says the following on the website:
    You are eligible to claim the disability tax credit for yourself.

    What does this mean that is is being processed?


  3. avatar Jack Bealieu Says:
    September 8, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    So, I was told today over the phone that I have been approved a letter is on its way. I am just a little confused. So I do not have to do anything for 2005-2011 since they will process the credit for me automatically right? But I will need to send them a letter to re-assess 2001-2004? This is so confusing.

    2005-2011 You are eligible to claim the disability tax credit for yourself.

    2001-2004 You did not apply for the disability tax credit for yourself.

  4. Jack there is a limit to how many years they will go back…so either a) you have been reassessed for the max number of years or b) you were not eligible in those earlier years…a phone call to CRA should get you the correct answer:)

  5. Well a Clarification Letter was sent to the doctor he has 30 days to send it back . All this is so hard on me . And once they get the letter from the doctor how long do i wait ?

  6. Doctors call ask me to come in to go over the new forms . Next week i have never waited so long before in my life for something i feel will be a no .

  7. If I am approved for the disability tax credit and contribute but then am no longer eligible for the tax credit in say 5 years, will I still be able to cash in those bonds after 10 years?

  8. Hey guys,

    Today I checked the website and it now says….2004-2011 you are eligible for the disability tax credit. It no longer says processing….does this mean its approved??

  9. @Di;…yes, that’s what mine said when I was approved…you should click on the returns for those years and it should tell you the amount you will get back accordingly….

  10. I’m not sure where u mean? How do I figure out my return?

  11. Well i go see the doctor tomorrow and get the forms done. Can anyone tell me what kind of forms they are and how long does it take . This is a clarificaition letter.

  12. @Di.. if you have requested that past returns be reassessed then you can…log in to your account on the cra website….it opens on the welcome page…click on the top tab called tax returns…then click on view returns…it will have a listing of assessed and reassessed years, you can click on them to see how they have been reassessed….if you have NOT requested a reassessment, then you need to do so in writing…you simply write a letter stating which tax years you would like reassessed with the disabiltiy tax credit…include your SIN number…it takes several weeks for the reasessment but it’s usually worth the wait…we did it with our son, and then years later I did it with my husband…I am in the process of doing it again for our other son…as I am the only one currently working I basically end up getting back all the tax I paid during the year so even though our second son will probably qualify there’s probably no money left to be repaid to me…BUT once his is earning his own income he can claim himself so I am still going to make the application….

  13. Yup same form as I had. Just wants more detail. Your doc was too vague on his answers. Its multiple choice though. Three answers to all questions. Its about 5 pages. Very easy but another 60 bucks!

  14. @bella;…the wait is long indeed but potentially very worth it…a clarification letter just means they want more detail…I would take that as a good sign…if they were going to just say no they would have done it already…if they want more detail then they are at least still considering your request…

  15. Thank you so much for all your kind words. I am on my way to the doctor now .

  16. avatar Jack Bealieu Says:
    September 21, 2011 at 8:31 am

    I would like to thank you all, this is a great support group. Mine was approved and is now being processed. I will have to be patient and wait. You all have been really supportive.

  17. Went to the Doctor forms all filled out . Doctor told us to fedx them . So we did . All went very well . Ty again w ill keep u all posted.

  18. I will keep my fingers crossed for you Bella:)

  19. avatar Jack Bealieu Says:
    September 22, 2011 at 10:08 am

    Bella I wish you the best of luck!!!

  20. Hey guys…

    So now that I sent the letter in to ask for the reassesments for my taxes (2005-2010) it once again says processing. Any ideas of a time line on this process?

  21. Well if you had it done at a H&R block they say first 3 years comes in about 2 too 3 weeks and then then other years in about two months is what i was told . But i am still waiting to hear if i was aproved .I am sure someone can tell u.

  22. Well good luck to u my friend!!! I get my taxes done with our accountant. I didn’t tell him that I did this as I usually don’t talk to him till tax time. Haha!!!

  23. Hello all,
    I just stumbled across this thread in the midst of doing a bit of impatient research. I sent in an application for the DTC for my 2.5 year old son the last week of July. Im a bit worried because my doctor (who just thinks hes “delayed”, but will catch up soon) was hesitant to fill in the form, and was quite vague about his impairments. However, since sending the form in, my son has been diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis as well as several cognitive impairments (as well as poor eyesight requiring prescription eyglasses, poor hearing, and an inability to consume anything more than a purreed consistency due to swallowing issues). Do i need to send in a NEW form as I still havent gotten approved for the previous? Im just really worried that Ive waited this long and theyre gonna say “no” because my dumb GP was too vague, and meanwhile we’ve received all these updates in his casefile. …. Just not sure where to go from here 🙁

  24. Hey Jveener,
    If it was me, I would call Revenue Can and tell them your situation. I would also get an additional form filled out or a letter from the Doctor explaining the new diagnosis. It wouldn’t hurt anything but your bank account. Another 60 bucks for the form hurts! Its worth it though. If u wait and get denied you will only have to go through the appeal process. Better to keep the ball rolling instead of having to start all over.
    Just my thoughts.

  25. Hi Everyone;

    The actual reassessments take a few weeks…depending on how many years you have asked them to go back…just keep watching your account on the CRA will update when it is done…no use phoning for updates you never get a straight answer…both time I applied the process from start to finish was about 3 months but well worth it:)

    @Jveneer….give Rev Canada a call…you may have to wait for an actual decline on the first app and then you can file an appeal…or perhaps you can just send in the additional information…they are usually pretty good about telling you what is required although it can be challenging sometimes getting a consistent answer..

  26. @bella; all the years I requested to have reassessed were done at once and then the total refund was paid all at once…in one big fat sum:)

    @Diana; that’s pretty lousy that your doctor charged you for those forms…neither my son’s doctor nor my husband’s doctor has charged for any of the forms we’ve had filled out…..I know that they could charge me but fortunately for us these are two kind and considerate individuals…another small blessing to be thankful for indeed:)

  27. Hi sparky i rarther it in one lump sum lol not alittle here and litte later . Thats if i am aproved . Thanks again .

  28. So what comes along with my ADHD is the inability to understand numbers!! Can anyone give me some sort of an idea what kind of money you get back?
    I heard about a a great saving account we can open for people with the disability. The government helps you by giving grants. You all should look into it.

  29. @Di…it really depends on the amount of tax that you paid on your income…because this is a tax credit that means that although your level of income requires you to pay X amount of tax, this credit says you only have to pay Y amount…the difference is what you will get back….the two times I applied for the credit (first for my son then years later for my husband)…my refunds were over the 6000.00 mark…if you have a spouse that earns more than you, it would be more to your benefit to allow him to claim the credit…for my husband we were reassessed back enough that he claimed it for the first 2 years and I claimed the others because by then I was the bigger bread winner…

  30. Thank you sparky. My letter says I can claim from 2005-2016. So I will ask for the taxes to be looked at from 2005-2010 right?

  31. absolutely Di….then going forward you will automatically claim the credit(2011-2016)…you will have to reapply for 2017…those 6 years you are going to have reassessed should get you back a nice sum:)

  32. Good Morning everyone . Well i was approved it said it on the site. So i called H&R block they been doing our taxes for years they sent out the request form for us . But they say another 12 weeks we can wait lol . Soooooooooo after christmas i guess. But i do want to thank everyone here for always listening and being so up beat it really helped . Thank you all . Hugssss

  33. I’ve got a few questions about this. My husband has type 1 diabetes and has had it since he was a young child. His mum used to claim the tax disability credit when he was under 18. Now that he’s an adult, can he still claim it? We asked our family doctor and she says he’s not “disabled” enough to be able to claim it, and that she wouldn’t fill out the forms for him. What changed that he was able to claim it before but not now?

    Any ideas?

  34. Louise is he isulin depended ? Sorry i spell that wrong . But diabetes never goes away if you are type 1. And most ppl i know with it does get the tax break . But it’s hard when you don’t have a doctor to stand behind you .

  35. Hi Bella,

    He is insulin dependent, and has been since he was diagnosed almost 25 years ago.

    Once someone gets approved for this disability tax, are they then considered disabled?

    Should we go back and talk to his doctor do you think?

  36. Yes i do think you should go back . Because if his mother got it before then i don’t see why he can’t .All they can say is yes or no . But you need your doctor to do them forms .

  37. Hello,

    So i checked the site today and it says all my years are now being reassessed except for 2006.
    Any idea why one year is being left out ( i asked for 2005-2010 ) and how long does this process usually take? It said for the last three weeks that it was being processed again but now that message is gone.

  38. Just found this site with lots of great info! We sent in a letter for my 3rd child to get approved for the DTC. WE have been waiting 6 weeks so far and no word. My son is 4 and has Developmental co-ordination disorder(originally was diagnosed with mild CP) He can’t walk very far has leg and knee pain constantly.His fine and gross motor assessments came back saying moderate delays and he is in a special playschool learning basic stuff like getting his own velcro shoes on, being independant ect. Our Dr marked down markedly restricted for walking, dressing, talking nad basic day to day functions. But in the info part she only put has developmental cordination disorder and needs care 24/7….hoping she wasn’t too vague! My older son who is 11 gets it as he has odd, add,sensory issues and learning disabilities(thanks goodness my 2 girls have no issues or we would be sent over the edge lol) When we sent in my older sons stuff the neurologist filled out the paperwork and it was so detailed that I am thinking this one is too vague…guess we will find out soon!

  39. Well hi again everyone . Wow seems i will be getting my first 3 years H&R block did the first 3 years it did not cost nothing for us to get them done . The others we are waiting on . But i checked and seems they are being done now as well .

  40. So I applied at the end of August, I’m a type 1 diabetic, have been since 2008. Checked my CRA account it says 2001 to 2007 ineligible and processing 2008 to 2010, however received a letter in the mail today that there is a delay. May have to call on Monday to see if they can tell me what the delay is. *sigh* a little frustrated that it’s taken as long as it has, H&R block told me 8 weeks 🙁

  41. Hi everyone me again . Just a question . My husband claim the credit for me , Can he claim one for himself as well ? He has crohns and clotitas mi know i spell that wrong sorry . Can he calim for 2011 seeing this is when he found out he had it ?

  42. My husband got approved for his DTC recently. In order to receive this refund that everyone keeps going on about, we or someone who knows what they’re doing, have to fill out a T1 am I correct?
    Also I am wondering how this would work since it is a NON refundable tax credit? Due to the nature of his disability, mental illness, and the limitations on his work abilities that it imposes, we are not exactly a high income family (we live in subsidized housing for a start). So if we have not had a lot of deductions taken off our pay in recent years as a result how does this manifest itself into a refund? Or is this refund something only those with better incomes get to enjoy? Such is the irony.
    I have been wondering how this would work for some time and would love some clarification. Thank you very much.

  43. @ bella; if your husband qualifies for the DTC he can claim you and himself…

    @Patricia; you simply have to request CRA do a reassesment for the years he has qualified for…you must make this request in writing and you ask for the reassesment for the bigger wage earner…currently I claim my older son and my husband…waiting for approval for my younger son…then i will claim all three

  44. I was looking at the adjustment form that we are supposed to use. It says to use one form for every year that we would like adjusted and are supposed to supply details. My husband’s tax credit has been retroactivated for 2001. Since a person only has to keep their own tax info on file for five years, and we just shredded all our old outdated stuff, we no longer have those details. Earlier in this time frame, the before hospital years, was when we had the best, most steady income which would I imagine benefit the refund the most.

    As the house secretary, what’s a gal to do?

  45. Patricia;
    As Sparky said – don’t use the adjustment form since it is for several years. Send a letter indicating that you want to have the XXXX-XXXX year time frames reviewed based on the approval of the DTC. I drafted a letter for my Brother in Law and had no issues at all.

    Also, while it is too late now, CRA indicates to keep 6 years worth of personal tax information.

  46. SIX years. I knew it was something like that. Someone told me five.
    Thanks for all your help!

  47. Is there any particular department of Revenue I should direct it towards? And “To Whom it May Concern,” is that ok?

  48. Patricia;below is how I addressed my BIL’s letter and then used “To Whom it May concern”, modify to your Tax Centre as necessary 🙂

    Canada Revenue Agency
    Tax Services Office
    1050 Notre Dame Avenue
    Attention – T1 Adjustments
    Sudbury, ON
    P3A 5C1

  49. Mucho Gracias!

  50. @Bella… Hi Bella, Just wanted to say I found your posts SO re-assuring! Thank you for posting your progress! I just found out about the DTC in Nov and am in the process of applying for myself. The drs dont know exactly what it is I have but they know it is some form of severe arthritis with major inflammation. The dr (very fortunate to have him) hasn’t charged me anything to fill out the forms and he has been awesome with support. They tax place recently sent out a form for further information which I’m thinking was the same as what they sent you? The girls in the drs office are terrible at sending things out in a timingly manner so I had to bug them to give me the paperwork and I sent it in the the tax office last week Thursday. Now the waiting begins again. From nov 21st- they told me they had until Feb 16th to make a decision on whether or not I am approved or not. Now they asked for more information. (I snooped at what the dr put on his responses for further information and he listed me as severe and so forth) So i’m hoping they will approve me… I dont know, what do u think? Does anyone know what kind of a cash value it works out to be when you do your taxes for one year? I hope that made sense.

  51. I mean I know that they say its X amount off of your total claimable income but how on earth do you figure out what that means in the real world? An extra $100 per year towards your tax return and extra $1000? There are all these websites claiming to get you back $15000 but really that just doesnt seem realistic- hopeful but lets face it, when does the government really pull that one out for ya? lol The dr stated that my condition started in 2009- provided *fingers crossed* that I am approved, would I be able to back date it to 2009 and be able to do all of this for this tax season?

    So sorry for the spam people. I’ve never blogged before. lol

  52. @Desiree – what you get back will depend on how much income tax you paid in those years…you will need to request a reassesment for the years you are approved for…they are done seperate from your regular annual return, and can be done anytime in the year, not just at tax time…then going forward you would use the tax credit each year your approval is valid (you have to reapply every few years)

  53. ok thanks! So if in fluke, we get word and are approved before April, I can still apply it to the upcoming taxes and possibly get some extra cash back? Then go ahead and look into what back dated years they approve and fill out the seperate forms? Am I understanding that right? Does it even sound like a possibilty that I may be approved? Considering they asked for more info? Its really hard to get a vibe off of this whole ordeal.
    Does anyone know if being approved for this DTC opens up any other services or credits?

  54. @Desiree…even if you are not approved until after April /12…you would simply include 2011 in your reassessment request…asking for more info just means they need clarification of a certain point….if you have online access to your tax account you can go on and see what it says…you’ll see an approval or a decline quicker on line….

  55. @Everyone.
    Thank you all so very much for all your help. The waiting game is awful but I really do appreciate all the helpful information. :o) I will keep you posted!

  56. I GOT IT!!!!!

  57. Good for you Desiree!!!!

  58. for the disability tax grants do you really have to leave the contributions in for 10 years? This seems a long time and not sure how this would help.
    I don’t have enough taxable income for the DTC to be beneficial but I could contribute to the savings plan and take advantage of the grants. But if it’s 10 years?

  59. I’m sorry can someone direct me to the refundable disability tax credit?
    I’m familiar with the non-refundable one but I don’t know of a refundable disability tax credit.
    Thank you!

  60. avatar Desiree Says:
    March 6, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    @katelyn… The disability tax credit is an amount you claim on your taxes. If your like me and don’t have enough income to make use of the credit, you can transfer the amount to your spouse to get more money back on your tax return. I havent heard about the refundable tax credit. Once your approved for the disability tax credit certification, they send you info on a disability rrsp kinda thing where the gov matches your contributions. I hope that helps you a little.
    @ everyone else on this blog… Thank you all so much for your information. You have been wonderful. They approved me until 2017 and are allowing me to back date to 2009 and 2010. Very excited.

  61. I recently heard about the disability tax credit. This year was the first year I have had someone “qualified” to do my taxes and she told me all about it, she even printed off the T2201 form for me. I than took it to my family dr. The thing that stymied me was this…I have had type 1 diabetes for 24 years. I take anywhere from2-4 needles a day depending on my sugars. I have gone to the same GP for 27 years. My question is this…how can the receceptionist tell me that I may not qualify for it? To me 14 hours a week is nothing …I mean this disease is 24/7? I am wondering how often people with type 1 diabetes get rejected?

  62. @Pat…the disability has to leave you markedly restricted in the day to day functions of life…you have to read the first page where it asks the questions about your day to day life…if you are answering yes then you should proceed with the application but if you are answering no, then you won’t qualify….

  63. So I just found out that my son will qualify for the DTC. Went to our Dr; the same Dr that has seen him through all his surgeries, speech therapy, OT etc…since birth. He said that the Speech, and Elimination problems would not apply because he is a child and that it is ‘expected’ that a child will have problems with those areas. Is that accurate? My son has been in intensive speech therapy since he was 2 because he had no speech. OT since 3 and takes more then 3 hours at a time to have a bowel movement even though he is on medication for it. He also marked that his feeding impairment ended in 2011 even though my sons’ esophagus does not function correctly and it takes him forever to eat the specially prepared meals I make for him. There is no end date in my mind for his feeding issues…it is lifelong. Oh yeah and he charged me $150 to fill out the forms…so my question is, is he correct on the elimination and speech? Is it fair to go back and question him on it…or should I go to one of our specialists and get them to fill it out? I think he wasted my money and his time on the forms and it would just get a solid decline on the file…so I’m very frustrated! Any help appreciated!

  64. @Wanda; I would definitely sit down with him and have a detailed conversation about how things really are with your son…the speech and elimination problems do apply!…(unless the child is under 3 years old, and even then it may already be obvious that his needs in those areas won’t improve) if this doctor is not on board with how things really are then by all means go to one (or all) of your specialist, the more information you send in the better the chance of being approved…I have the DTC in place for our eldest son, my husband and am awaiting an answer for our youngest son (and we were really lucky in that we have never been charged by any of the doctors to fill out the forms!)…if your son is indeed markedly restricted in his day to day function of life then don’t send in those forms until they are properly filled in…you are the mom and YOU know best about the high needs of your son, so don’t be afraid to fight for what’s right…good luck!!!

  65. Hi Everyone,

    I applied exactly 8 weeks ago for my son who’s 16 and a Type 1 Diabetic. I looked online the other day and it shows he is eligible for the DTC dating back to 2008 when he was diagnosed.

    I called Revenue Canada today to ask about having my previous tax years assessed and he suggested going online to My Account to Change Tax Return and filing in for lines 318 and 5848. Has anyone does in this online? He told me that the turn around is about 2 weeks compared to about 8 weeks if I was to send in a letter or T1.


  66. I did go into the “change return” and added on line 318 and 5848 for the my 2011 income tax that has already been done but it will only let me do it for the one year at a time until it gets reassessed.

    Now my question is: when I submitted my T2201 I also sent in a letter requesting my previous years to be re-assessed upon approval of the DTC..but when I called today he said I had to either do it online or submit another letter…doesn’t make sense but I will do whatever has to be done obviously. What have your experiences been like?

  67. It is likely done at different areas – one to approve your DTC and one to do the assessment since you should send your letter of request for readjustment based on DTC approval should be sent to your tax centre in the attention of T1 Adjustments.

    Wait for the DTC approval letter and then resend your request for readjustment with a copy of the DTC approval letter and you should not have any difficulties getting the years requested approved (providing that you are eligible).

    Unfortunately, you likely have tried to skip a couple of steps or combine them so just wait for the DTC approval and then resend your adjustment letter and you should be fine. Its worth the wait.

  68. Another question…sorry 😉

    When I go into my account on revenue canada and click on the disability tax says

    we are processing your information and then underneath it says my sons name and the years he is eligible. Do you think this means they have my initial letter to ask for the years to be reassesssed?

  69. We are about to send our T2201 in for our son who has been recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is all filled out (by the phychologist) and us.

    A few notes:

    As to the T1-ADJ adjustment request, page 2 of the instructions at the start of the T2201 form indicates that you can/should send the adjustment request in with the T2201.

    In my discussion with CRA, they suggested filing for 2011 taxes, then submitting the T2201 (and adjustments) after so as not to hold up our refund – just a note for others.

    My question is the following:

    If we fill out the paperwork using my wife’s name and SIN, will they adjust our jointly filed returns back to 2007 (if eligible) to the best of our advantage? Or will they adjust hers first and then mine, which would not be to our benefit since the major income (95%) is in my name for the whole time? I am going to check with CRA on this, but any help in the meantime would be great. I will post what I hear back as well.

  70. @Amanda…if it says they are processing then they will do everything…if approved they will do the reassesments you asked for…

    @Trent…you need to advise which years you want assessed and under who’s name…pick the bigger bread winner for each year as it’s more to your advantage…

    This has been my experience as I currently claim the DTC for both our eldest son and my husband

  71. why do they not reassess all the years applied for 2006/10

  72. how do you object to a year not being reassesed ie 2006 /10 2006 was not reassesed as i had the credit transfered to me from my spouse who was not working 2006

  73. @Trent,

    My daughter is 3 and was diagnosed with ASD in Oct. We completed 2011 TAXES first, got our return quickly,(include a copy of the approval when you send them if it will be the first time claiming for disability). Then we submitted the t1adj by mail. We are being reassessed now and the CRA said to expect a refund in about 2 weeks (total of 6 weeks after submitting the t1adj). The refund (@ max benefit for children) is around the $1700 /year mark, give or take, depending on the year since the amount you can claim has increased each year. Always claim for the highest salary person for the largest benefit. Also, depending on which province you are in, a disability amount will be applied against your provincial income tax as well. ((Couple or few hundred more per yr refund).

    Hope this helps!

  74. Does anyone know what Line number on the T1 form do I put? is that line 316 disability tax credit?
    Is that all I put…thanks

  75. After many weeks, the CRA started re-assessing my taxes back from 2005. I did not realize that a personal bankruptcy that was discharged in 2009 would mean that the trustees I had would be able to keep any refunds. I thought the Disability Tax Credit would be able to provide me the means to have some support for medical needs now and in the future, if well placed. Does anyone know if there is any way I can receive the refunds myself? Does the Insolvency Act help the disabled in this case?

  76. I am in same situation, 39, having lung cancer that have had to take time off work, etc. I started with back pain in 2010, went to all doctors, hardly able to walk some days, then in Dec.2010, scan came back cancer 5.5-7.5 tumour, 2011 march we finally had surgury, was in for one month, as they took, lung, cavity, 4 ribs, etcs., so 2011 was a right off, it is now April, 2012, did my taxes got my doc to fill out paper work to apply for DTC. When will i get credit for…..from 2010….she did sat that sometime in 2012 i will be able to care for myself.

    Also…for some ladies emailing in about their kids just being diagnosed with Diabetes….and how fare they can go back, etc…..I believe in some cases this is rude…first off…have u been feeding your kids irresponsibly…like McDonalds everyday….are they 180lbs at 10…..this DTC are fore residents that have actually paid taxes for many years, and they have a disability that enables them to properly care for themselves….not like the one lady who said they just found out their kid has diabetes…obviously they were still able to care and make it……..u did not have to quite work., etc….look what is set up for……

  77. @Joanne…the DTC is set up for ANY individual that is markedly restricted in the day to day functions of life…it has nothing to do with whether or not you are able to work and it IS for the hardworking parents of minor children…as for blaming the parents for the kids’ diabetes, that takes lot of nerve…I am sure you would not appreciate it if people assumed you caused your lung cancer by smoking …or from being raised by irresponsible parents who smoked in your presence…prejudice goes both ways and it is always hurtful to be the victim of it….lose the attitude and replace it with tolerance…

  78. can anyone help with my son who is now 22..he was diagnosed as add/adhd as a youth. spent many years in special schooling, varies drugs like ritalin etc, and quit school at 17. Needless to say the add has not gone away. he has had trouble with the law and ability to hold any job for longer than a few months. I tried to get the psychiatrist to help me file a tax claim, however he only deals with pediatrics and says that now that he is an adult, the dr cannot help. my son is blessed that he is healthy besides the autism and has not gone to a family dr. how can i help him?

  79. important distinction. in sci-fi there are no…

    wizards, no magic, no nymphs or elves or fairies. fantasy is wonderful; this is not a rant against it. but let’s let fantasy be fantasy, call a moose a moose, and give sci-fi its due.the thing i find so thrilling about…

  80. Will I recieve money back if was on WSIB for the years I’m claiming?

  81. I applied for the DTC and it says and on the website it states , We are processing your disabilty tax credit infromation . Does this mean I have been approved ?

  82. @Pete…it means that they are working on your application…it usually takes 16 weeks from the time it is rec’d until they provide an answer….if approved it will say you are entitled to claim the dtc…if denied it will say you are NOT entitled to claim the dtc…keep watching the site for your reply…

  83. My doctor has me marked restricted in waliking and dressing , should I expect any problems from the CRA ?

  84. Hi All,
    So I have just begun this process and thought for anyone just starting out I would put my info on here and update it as it happens.
    It is for my 12 year old son, diagnosis ADD in attentive, Seperation anxiety, Sensory Processing Disorder. Forms filled out by pediatrician(holds more bearing with cra but can be done by GP) We applied in my husbands name for DTC as he made more money then I did and my name for CTC but you can do both in higher earners name.
    Mailed doctors Disability Credit certifcate and my letter of description Apr.11th/12
    Response that CRA recieved my paper work May4/12
    Letter that my son is eligiable June 5th/12(CRA site says:
    We are processing your information for the disability tax credit
    2005-2012 You are entitled to claim the disability tax credit for MY SONS NAME

    2002-2004 You did not apply for the disability tax credit for MY SONS NAME.

    Mailed T1 ADJ forms and Letter to CTC June 7th/12

    As of today my CHild Tax Benefit shows I will get a lump sum from them on July 20th cheque day and I am still seeing “processing your information” on the other tax stuff. I am not seeing any reassessments done on any of my tax years….assuming it will all pop up once they’re done. Also not seeing my 2002-2004 did not aplly change although I sent in paperwork.
    I will keep you all informed with dates and length of process as it comes in. If anyone has completed this recently let me know. This is the best site Ihave ever seen for this type of information so keep it coming all : )

  85. What is the shortest wait time that anyone has had? H&R did an adjustment for the Primary Caregiver tax credit for me this year and it only took 4 days from when they sent it out, has anyone received this payment that quickly? H&R told me that I will be getting 8,500 for the first 3 years that I applied, but are unable to efile the rest of the years…can they still do the adjustment for me, but send it by mail? Not too sure how that all works, but I hope I don’t wait long. I also sent a letter to CRA to have my son’s CCTB retro paid from the dates that were approved. Does anyone know how long that takes? Please let me know, thank you!

  86. Hi all,
    Well I just became aware of this Credit recently and wished I knew of it sooner! I was told by our accoutant that my son qualifies for the creditl He is 23 years old and lives at home. He has had 4 major concussions in his sporting life that has left him with learning disabilities. He quit school in grade 10 and after doing a phscological testing at 15 years old at Sick Kids, I dont know how he even made it past grade 6!!!! He was thoroughly tested for 2 full days and the testing came back that his comprehension and retention level was at a grade 2 level. He can not retain a job. It is so frustrating to say the least. He has had addiction problems which he has gone into rehab for. I am going to apply for this credit. I dont know how far you can go back but this first started id say about 7 years ago, the more concussions the worse he got until the DOCS pulled him out of all contact sports. They he started getting depressed and started using drugs.. He was frustrated in school as there was NO help for him and he did not want to be centered out. Once the sports stopped the interest in school stopped. Im really hoping for some help ! He does not have an income right now as he quit the job he had. This has been ongoing for several years. He has either got fired for not showing up for work or quits due to bordom. He cannot stay focused on more than 1 thing at a timel It is really sad to watch. There is NO help for any of these problems. People just dont understand 🙁 Thanks for the help!

  87. I am waiting like the rest of you for approval on my Child’s DTC. I am obsessed with this, watching every day and hoping it will be done — May 31 received and there it sits. I watch Canada Revenue for changes of messages and I wait for some change to send in my letters. I am anxious as my son is in grade 9 and has done terribly at the big school he is at. I am looking to move to a small Northern town and just sit and watch. I did not realize that the CTC department would only send out cheques on the 20th …so for approval for August 20th payment,,they need the letters by July 25th (I believe) I just keep hoping and hoping ;(

  88. @Jody…it takes about 16 weeks from the time it’s rec’d until you get an approval or denial…once approved your CTC will be adjusted, however for the DTC to be retro active you need to request in writing that they review your previous tax returns beginning with the year your child was approved for…i.e. if they tell you that you can claim the DTC for the years 2007-2011 then you request a review of those years , then they will reasess and send you any money you are entitled to, then going forward you would use the credit each time you do your taxes (usually you have to get reapproved every 5 years or so, but they notify you when it’s req’d)

    @Ineed, you doctor must fill out the req’d forms for CRA and then CRA does a determination to see if your son qualifies…go to the CRA website and get the forms …read what the qualifications are and go from there…good luck

  89. @Sparky thanks for the information… I guess I was wishful thinking when they told me 8 weeks. A watched pot…as they say.

  90. avatar Angela Comeau Says:
    July 18, 2012 at 11:30 am

    I applied for the DTC for my 9 year old with ADHD and Anxiety back in march, her Ped. filled it out, I received a letter in April that said she did not qualify, when I called they told me to reapply, so I got her Child Psych, to fill out the form, with great detail, in June the sent me a letter stating they contacted her Dr to get more info, when she mailed in early July, I called today, and they said it was approved and I (when I receive the letter) have to fill out the adjustment forms T1ADJ, from 2007-2011, the person on the said there was no $ amount in the letter, so I am not sure how much we will be receiving, and she said there is info in the letter about supplementary funding, not sure what that is, but after it will take 8 weeks to process the adjustments, I have heard of people just getting the money and not having to do adjustments first, is this the usual process.

  91. @Angela…my understanding is that you send out a letter to the income tax side of this and also the Child tax benefit side and request the reassessements of the past years

  92. avatar Angela Comeau Says:
    July 18, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    I filled out the T2201 Disability tax credit form, that is what I was told to fill out, is there another form?

  93. @Angela…I am sorry I was not clearer…When you are approved and are requesting backdated amounts. Send a letter stating you want backpay to the Income Tax department to reassess past income tax forms AND the Child Tax Credit department to reassess past child tax credit amounts

  94. I have a question, if anyone could help? Im in the process of getting the doctor to fill out the forms for Disability Credit for my son that is now 23. Im sure she will approve for the past 10 years as his first concussion was at age of 8. Do you have to wait to get approval from the CRA to ask for retroative pay for the CHilds Beneift. Would he be or I be eligible for the past credits, How much extra is that a month for the Childrens tax credit. Do any notes etc or should any doctors notes be sent with the forms I have a phycological testing results from the neurologist specialist at sick kids for when Kyle was tested in 06. This doctor would probably be best to filling out forms for us as she did the 2 day testing. The only problem is that Kyle is now over 18 and cannot attend Sick kids.
    Not sure which way to go with this??? Family doc or Speciatlist????? hmmmm

  95. Hi there, I see that a T1ADJ form is mentioned here and there and am wondering what that is? I just called H&R Block to do the adjustments and is says Processing on the CRA website…am I supposed to still send a request? Please let me know. Also, I mailed a letter to CCTB on July 5th and my future payments on the CRA website already reflect my new adjusted payments, but how long does it take to get the retroactive payment? Do they pay it in a lump sum in a few months? Because I don’t see anything about the backpay part, which I asked for in the letter to be adjusted from 2007-2010, since they do 2011 automatically. Please let me know if anyone has a timeframe for this or if they will tell me when I can expect it.

  96. OMG actually it shows the reassessment dated July 26th 2012…so that must mean I get the tax adjustment on July 26th! Awesome, and it only took from July 4th when H&R sent the adjustment…My Bib will be happy!!!

  97. you may have to wait until August 20th to get that money from the CTBC. I understand that they only send out a cheque once per month. I believe that July 26 is the cutoff for processing for August cheques

  98. @Moi Says…and if it is different ,,, please let me know 😉 I am waiting and loving any morsel of information I can get

  99. It’s the disability amount for the last 3 years, it says when I log into my account on the CRA website and where it said ‘reassessment in progress’ on my view returns, now says reassessed July 26th, 2012. And on the Welcome Page when I log in says…

    Important information

    Your 2011 return was reassessed and a refund of $8,546.57 will be deposited directly into your bank account on July 26, 2012.
    Summary of 2011 reassessment

    But, does anyone know how long it takes for the CDB to be retro paid? My CCTB already shows the new amount starting in August. Might be soon…can only hope.

    But really, the process didn’t take very long…The only hold up was my Dr. because it’s so hard to get an appt., and he held the papers that ask for more detail for awhile until I got an appointment to get my input. Might have been a good idea though…I had 1st appt. on May 26th and everything is pretty much done 🙂

  100. I am so happy for you Moi says… What a relief for your family. Congratulations. I can only hope that we come out ahead of this and get a good start to the future. My son is in need of a lot of resources that we will be able to afford now –once it get done.

    I hope someone answers your questions Moi says…

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