The Disability Tax Credit

There are two types of disability tax credits: non-refundable and refundable.  Non-refundable tax credits can reduce tax owed to zero, but can’t be used to get a refund. A refundable credit can reduce your tax below zero and provide you with a refund.

The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) is a non-refundable tax credit, which means that someone who has low or no income will not benefit from this credit. However, the credit is transferable. So someone who qualifies could transfer all or a portion of the DTC to a spouse – legal and common law — who can then reduce his/her tax payable.

A lot of confusion comes from is the fact that the criteria for qualifying for the DTC is not precise.  In 2001, the criteria were expanded to include life sustaining treatments requiring 14 hours per week or more. In 2005 the criteria were expanded further to include the time needed to calculate dosage for medications that require dosage on a daily basis.

To simplify the qualifying criteria, the condition must exist for longer than 12 months, and must markedly affect one or more of the basic functions of life, which include walking, eating,  speaking, and self-care, or require a significant time commitment to manage life sustaining treatments.

You are eligible for the disability amount only if a qualified practitioner certifies that you have a severe and prolonged impairment and it’s effects on the form T2201, and the form is approved. There is a self-assessment questionnaire available on the T2201 form itself, so you can have a look-see to determine if you might qualify.  Also on the form are definitions of “life sustaining treatment” along with other terms. If you believe you may qualify, proceed with an application. No harm is done if you don’t receive approval but tremendous benefits can be claimed if you are.

If you are approved for the DTC, it is usually retroactive and in place for several years. Once approved, claims for the past years are done through a T1 adjustment. In the event that the approved taxpayer does not require the entire credit, an adjustment must also be done for a spouse’s or parent’s return.  These adjustments are processed manually by the tax centre so they may take some time, but they can result in large refunds.

Here are some examples for you:

  • A man and his wife have never applied for the credit.  Based on statements by the husband, their accountant recommended that they request their doctor to complete a T2201 form to apply for the DTC based on the wife’s deteriorating condition due to dementia/Alzheimers. The husband was reluctant due to the fact that his wife was in denial about the severity of her impairment. The application was approved retroactive to 2004. After adjustments, the couple received over $7,000 in refunds.
  • A couple with young children have been challenged by the wife’s cancer diagnosis. Her condition requires ongoing travel for treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital. Her application was approved and her taxes were reduced by $1,700 in 2007. In addition, she applied for credits for travel and meals for the trips into Toronto for the treatment.
  • A gentleman experienced a rapid decline after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, passing away within four months of the diagnosis. We processed a DTC application after his death and were able to adjust the return for the year he died.  And a portion of the credit was transferred to his common law partner.

If you think you may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, here are the steps you need to follow?

  1. Download the T2201 form from the CRA website.  There is also a fillable version of the form.
  2. Have your doctor complete the form. Most family doctors are familiar it. They may charge you a small fee for completing the form.
  3. Send the form into the CRA and wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Your application is reviewed to ensure that you meet the criteria.

Once you are approved, you will receive a letter indicating to which years any retroactive approval is available. The letter will also indicate how long you may claim the deduction without having to reapply.

For retroactive years, you can download an adjustment form or request that your tax preparer complete the form for you. Send the form in and wait. And wait. And wait!  These adjustments often take 6 – 8 weeks to process.

If you or your spouse will be claiming this credit, you should update your withholding information at your workplace by completing a new TD1 form. This will reduce the tax withheld on each pay, putting the money into your hands sooner rather than waiting for your tax return to be assessed.

Remember, once you are eligible for the DTC, you are automatically qualified for the Registered Disability Savings Account including all the grants and bonds.

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  1. @paula

    One step closer now, hopefully they except!!
    How many questions were there? Hopefully 2 will be enough to satisfy them. I honestly dont understand why some peole get excepted with ease for ADHD..ODD or stuff like that and then others must go throuh hoops just to be denied.

  2. @paula

    One step closer now, hopefully they except!!
    How many questions were there? Hopefully 2 will be enough to satisfy them. I honestly dont understand why some peole get excepted with ease for ADHD..ODD or stuff like that and then others must go throuh hoops just to be denied

  3. hmm. I would say the 6 that are circulating on this site. 1. can your patient perform daily living skills the same as another child of the same age. (they give examples ) like tying shoes, showering.. @. is can a patient express basic needs the same as a child of the same age . again with examples. “I need to go to the bathroom”, I’m tired”. 3. is can your patient make age appropriate choices in day to day situations compared to a child the same age. they ask for at least 2 examples. 4. is does your patient require one on one support to function. 5. is does your patient have severe memory loss and 6. can your patient adapt to changes in his or her environment. They also ask if patient is taking any medication pertaining to the disability and if medication or therapy will improve anything.

    One step closer yes and at least I know that if they deny it the letter I’ll be writing will be coming from me so it wont take as long for it to get into the mail.

    Have you had any changes yet Nancy?

  4. Hello,

    I am wondering if anyone is dealing with the Winnipeg Tax Centre?
    I had originally sent in my application on March 26 – on May 9th they told me that they never received the application and asked me to fax a copy in and re-send another copy in the mail.
    I am wondering if anyone has any info on how long the process usually takes to see an update on your CRA account and where specifically (on the account) that it tells you if you have been approved or not?
    Every time that I call CRA, I get a different time line – first it was 6 weeks, then 8, then 11 and now I was told 90 days… this is such a frustrating process! After a diagnosis is received from the doctor, the benefit should automatically be applied! Ugh

  5. @paula
    Still has not been processed going on 11 weeks now, I was told I would have an answer by 10 weeks now they say 12. Then I too will probably end up with that dreaded 2nd questionnaire (sigh)


    It’s definitely a long enoying wait, I applied for my son who is ADHD, ODD, Mood disorder ect and still have not heard anything after 11 weeks!!

  6. @Ella sorry some of my responce got cut off

    Apparently you wont see an update until a decition has been made, some people end up seeing “there has been a delay in processing your application` whitch usualy means they have sent another questionar out to your doctor.

  7. @ Nancy
    Thanks for the information. It is such a frustrating process… I already had to wait 8 weeks before I was told that they “lost” my application. So I had to resend it in, and now have to start the whole waiting process again. As soon as the application is received, it should trigger an update in the system to let you know that they at least received it and are working on it.

    You are dealing with the Winnipeg tax centre, right?

  8. avatar Bronwyn Says:
    May 26, 2017 at 4:43 pm


    I had all questions marked off as no minus the memory one and I was denied the credit for my son. I am currently appealing the decision. I originally applied back in March of 2016 and started my appeal in January with no end in sight. The whole process is very frustrating

  9. Just got told today that they have now pushed the processing time for my application to June 26th… so 15 weeks in total ?

    @ Ella im with the Jonquiere tax center.

  10. @ Nancy, with them pushing it lets hope they’re not going to request more information on top of that.

    @ Bronwyn, I’m sorry that they’re giving you such a hard time . Seriously, what more information do they need?

    Wonder if they get bonuses or some sort of reward based on piece work. We’re HUMAN :/

  11. avatar Bronwyn Says:
    May 29, 2017 at 10:24 am

    @Paula sometimes i wonder lol

  12. The processing times do not make sense at all! A week ago I was told that the processing time was 90 days. This morning I was told it is 7 weeks. (Winnipeg tax center). The lady I spoke to this morning said that the processing time changes everyday, and is dependent on how many applications they receive that day – this makes absolutely NO sense to me!

    They need a better system that will update your CRA account as soon as the application is received so that people dont have to be constantly calling in/ wondering the status of the application. From what I was told, the CRA account is only updated once the application is either approved or denied. Considering I waited 8 weeks before finding out they “lost” my original application, and then had to start the whole process (including the starting back at zero for the wait time), they need a better system that would prevent this from happening!

    For those of you that have dealt with/are dealing with the Winnipeg tax centre – how long once a decision has been made, does it typically take to do the reassessment?

  13. Logged on today and found out my son is approved!!!! It was a long wait but it worked out.

  14. @ Nancy! congratulations! Now that you’re approved the rest of the waiting is a piece of cake!

  15. @ Nancy
    That’s awesome news! I hope the rest of the process is a speedy one for you!

  16. Thanks everyone im hoping things process quickly from here? ill keep everyone updated!!

  17. ok ..I’ve been through this forum WAY too many times. all the way back to 2009 lol. CRA still hasn’t received the additional info from my dr but online changed to “not entitled”. I called AGAIN today and spoke to a guy to ask why and mentioned that if they did receive the questionnaire that this was a fast decision. I also asked if this was the normal process while they wait for additional information he said that it was. Has anybody had this happen to them while waiting for the information to get to CRA?

  18. Grr. Called again today and I spoke to somebody else. apparently they received the questionnaire yesterday and they denied it the same day saying that my daughter is only unable to function when she is under stress and that it isn’t over 90% of the time. I knew it. :/ I guess all that’s left is me writing a letter outlining her daily struggles and submitting that. But seriously even with the full psychiatric assessment ..a day to decide? How is that even possible? anyways, guess I’m off to write a letter that I have no idea if they’ll even look at that or not. I can see why people pay the 30% for outside companies to help them with this process. Beyond frustrated and disappointed

  19. @Paula

    Sorry to hear you were denied.

    You have to wonder how fair the system is when you send in that much info and still get denied.

    Also I remember reading on here that others too had been denied after the questionnaire and they were told the same as you “ due to stress“.

  20. Well I mailed a personal letter (4 1/2 pages) outlining the daily struggles as well as all the letters of school suspensions for various reasons along with her updated IEP and and recent report card. I sent it express with tracking. Hopefully by next Friday the decision will be reversed. I also called and requested another DTC application to be mailed out So that I can have things in place if I get denied again. Guess we’ll wait and see.

  21. Hey everyone

    Just wanted give you an update on my timeline, my taxes have been reassessed today for all years 2012 to 2016 and money will be deposited on the 15th. Nothing done on the ccb yet. So 1 week from getting excepted, was pretty fast!!

  22. @nancy
    So how long from the time they were “processing the application” until it changed to approve on the CRA website?
    I just noticed today that they have finally received my application and are processing it (I sent it in March)… Just wondering what to expect next?

  23. @Ella

    Nothing ever showed up on my account until i was approved, I never even got the processing application message that everyone else talks about.

  24. Hi everyone. I’m really happy people have kept logging in and posting their experience with applying for the DTC. Our psychologist was filling it out for our son and sending it off. She said it was sent off but didn’t tell me when. Should I check with her, or with CRA to see if they received anything? I have no timeline in how long to wait then. We have put my husband as the spouse to transfer to or whatever it is called.

    Also, same psychologist is filling out paperwork to send my application in. Multiple disorders and issues, haven’t worked in 8 yrs, etc. I have written down transferred to my spouse. Does anyone know if anything would show on my CRA acct online or if it would just be on my spouses?

  25. So my son was approved for the DTC on April 20, took approx. about 5 months to get approved. Now with the Winnepeg tax centre I was told 6 weeks for reassement to be completed on my taxes and the DCB, called today as I havnt heard a word since April 20/17, they told me it wont be completed until Aug 27/17. So almost a year we have been on this journey good lock everyone

  26. My son is 21 but was diagnosed with terets at the age of 10 am I still able to get disability tax credit

  27. Apparently CCB will not retro pay anything in the month of July so they say I wont see my retro payment until Aug 20th. Calculations are still not done for my CCB. They also told me the deadline for calculations is the 27th of each month. However I did get all my income tax retro today in my account so just 3 weeks after being approved.

  28. After “losing” my first application that was sent to them in March, then re-sending the application (two additional times), CRA is FINALLY processing the application for my son.

    But, what does that mean – they received the application and then sent out a questionnaire to the doctor. So frustrating! I kind of feel like they (CRA) do that in an effort to buy more time, because essentially that’s all it does, in addition to putting strain on the medical system (the doctor has already filled out the application, wrote how the disability affects the child, so why do they need to do it again?).

    Has anyone else had the questionnaire go out to the DR? What questions are on it? Does the doctor have to mail it in, or can he give it to me to courier over there? (all this couriering is costing me a small fortune!)

  29. avatar Michelle Says:
    June 15, 2017 at 6:05 pm

    I heard they automatically give u 2 years back pay…I clicked off the assessment thing on form do I still have to write a letter? And online doesn’t show me any amount just says from 2011-2021.will they put on there an amount

  30. @Ella Paula has listed the questions a few posts above, from what I have read it is the doctor who must send the form back.

    @ Michelle I ticked off the assessment box as well plus sent in a letter online through my online cra account and everything was reassessed at once. I believe they said they changed the form to include that box to simplify things.

  31. avatar Brittanie Says:
    June 21, 2017 at 11:45 am

    How long does it take to transfer the disability tax credit over to your spouse?! Its been almost 4 weeks now since we requested they transfer the credit over to my spouse’s account as he’s the one with a more taxable income, and we requested this after we got approved for disability for our son (5yrs), we received the back pay for child disability benefits yesterday, now just wondering how much longer I have to wait to receive the other money from the disability tax credit since they have to transfer the credit will it be a long wait?

  32. @Martin @Bronwyn – Well the waiting game begins once again. I have had my Dr write a 3 pg letter pretty much spotlighting his effects of impairment and that they are present 90% or more of the time. It is very detailed and if this get denied I will not be a happy camper by any means. It should of never been denied the first time. How does someone look at a 22 pg PE assessment that details everything very clearly and deny them??? Seriously I do not get it. @Brownyn as my letter stated when we got denied it said that if the Dr had anything else to add to show the effect of impairment as opposed to the “presence” then to have them write a letter and submit. I guess I will have to see…

  33. Hi!i submitted the DTC application march 6 and approved march 26.Received dcb April 20.How long is the wait for DTC refund?

  34. @chel

    I submitted mine March 10th and was aproved may 31st. All my taxes were reassessed and refunded by June 15th. I still havent received the DTC yet and still no calculations showing on my account for it. Maybe you should give them a call about your DTC.

  35. Sorry I meant I still havent received my DCB.

  36. @nancy
    I phoned the Winnipeg tax centre yesterday and the guy told me that my sons DTC application was closed..He said I have to request T1 adjustment,which I told him that I did ticked off the DTC application.He did reopened it and refund will be on September

  37. Anyone out there still waiting to a refund i was approves im dec 2015 its now Lmost july still waiting for them to finish reassessing my taxes since 2012 to 2015 i get there backedup but 7 months wait

  38. Just wondering if anyone has a timeline for approval this time of year, they received my application 8 weeks ago today but I heard nothing yet.

  39. Tommy ive been waiting over 7 months the cra is backed uo from last year ill probably still be waiting till august

  40. @Nicole


  41. @Paula. I was wondering what tax center you are dealing with? I am with Winnipeg and seem to be having the exact same issues as you.

  42. Sudbury. Going actually on Tuesday with the application, ALL the information I have received thus far to back up my story, a 4 page letter outlining the daily struggles as well as the questionnaire and my denial letter to my family dr with my daughter on tuesday and will be resubmitting our request for the DTC for my daughter.

  43. Hello! So my CRA account was finally updated today to say that my son was approved from 2011-2019. Is there anything else I am supposed to do or are all of my taxes automatically reassessed? What about child tax – this amount will go up as well, correct? When/how do you know when they have completed the reassessments and any idea (approximately) how much the credit is each year?

  44. @Ella
    For 2016 its around $1800 but you have to of paid that in taxes, so lets say you paid $2500 in taxes you would get the full amount. If you only paid lets say $1200 then thats what you would get. This repeats for all years you are approved.

    For childs tax the payment will go up to a max of $ 227 per minth depending on your income, they will do 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 but you will need to request them to do 2012, 2011. You will only get from July 2012 forward nothing for 2011 as childs tax starts July the following year based on the last years taxes.

    They do all the calculations on the 27th of each month for childs tax so you should see the amount by the end of this month to be paid Aug 20th.

    For the tax part mine were done and deposited 2 weeks after approval.

  45. @ Nancy
    Thank you for the information. Yes, I have always worked and have paid more than 2500 in taxes each year, so I am assuming I would get the full amount? credited back to me?
    When do they do these calculations and how long does that usually take? They will automatically go back to 2011?

    Is there a different income level that is used to determine if you are eligible for child tax/ different criteria used to “add” the disability portion on to the child tax? I only ask because most years I received the very minimum for child tax because of my past income level.

    Were the calculations recorded on your on-line CRA account for you to view?

    Also – any thoughts on claiming the disability amount on your federal TD1 form/ Provincial TD1 to have the amount each month as opposed to waiting to receive the big refund at the end of the year?

  46. Yes you will get back the full amounts then for 2011 to 2016.
    The the disibility child tax starts lowering after a family income of $44701.00 only by a few bucks. here is the link.

    If you ticked of the box on your application all the years should be done at once for the taxes…but you will have to send in a letter for the child tax as they only do the current and 3 previous years if you dont.

    You will see the tax part under taxes and the child tax under benifits.

    Im not sure about the TD1

  47. @Ella. Just noticed that that link is for 2014 here is for this tax year…you can also see previous years with the same link under guidelines.

  48. @ Nancy
    Thanks for the information!
    I called CRA and asked them if there was anything else they needed from me, and how long it would take them to reassess my taxes, and the guy I spoke to said around 16 weeks! This seems like a crazy time line to me… I am hoping he was wrong.

  49. Would anyone happen to know how long it takes to receive retroactive DCB payment after sending in the letter requesting for back pay? (I received the DCB for the previous 3 years a couple of months ago)

  50. @kelly i waited 2 months…

  51. avatar Brittany Says:
    July 24, 2017 at 4:52 pm


    this website is great. I have applied For my daughter and now see a message on CRA website says “you are eligible to claim for 2007-2024” This was posted 1 week after the dr had sent in the second form.
    I do not however see any reassessments being done on our taxes or amount to be paid back. Did your online account state reassessment of taxes being completed? Did they mail you a letter staying amount to be backpaid or was it just deposited?

  52. @Brittany

    Try going on to the CRA website. Under the “Benefits and Credits” tab, go to Canada Child Benefit, and then to the Statement of account – this will show you the re-calculation for the disability tax credit.

    For the tax reassessments, go to the “Accounts and Payments” tab. Then go to Account balance and statement of account, then to view statement of account. This is where your re-assessment balance will be, after they re-calculate it. However, depending on what tax centre you are with, and when you were approved, it could take a while for the reassessment.

    My son’s disability tax was reassessed about 4 days after he was approved. But I dont think it gets deposited until after they do the tax re-assessments, because the DCB is still just showing as a credit on my account. I call CRA on Friday and the person I spoke to said it is a 16 week wait (at the Winnipeg tax centre) for the reassessments.

  53. avatar Brittany Says:
    July 25, 2017 at 1:18 am


    Thank you, I have checked all those places now and there is nothing showing up. Neither only husbands or mine. Have you received any of the funds yet after your approval on the 10th?

  54. After 12 weeks waiting, my application was denied. This was my second time applying and now my second denial. Any advice from anyone who has been denied and then accepted. Not sure what to do now. I’m still waiting for my rejection letter.

  55. Had our dr appointment with my family dr. She said because of the criteria it’s next to impossible to get approved now for mental illnesses and that there was nothing more that she could say to change their mind. :/

    I guess the ONLY thing I have left is going through the appeal process. Can I appeal it with no new information? :/

  56. For timing: (Winnipeg tax centre)
    Our T2201 was sent in back in Mar (2017). We were approved for the DTC at the end of June. Our CDB was calculated very quickly and came through the normal CCB direct deposit in July. Now just waiting on the reassessments to go through.

    As a tip, if you call CRA to ask them at any point, the T2201 qualifies under general taxes and is done through the regular phone number. The Child Disability Benefit, after T2201 approval, is done through the benefits number. When you dial any of these numbers, hitting “*” will automatically take you to the agent wait queue (as long as it’s not too long, in which case it will tell you to call back)

  57. @ KS I’m running on about the same timeline you are. My daughter was approved in May. We received 3 years of CDB with our June payment. Still nothing on the tax assessment side. I phoned CRA in early July and they instructed me to change my returns online, which I did. have received a letter of acknowledgement dated July 24th with no indication on when the assessments could be completed (7 years of ITRs). I called CRA again yesterday and was told I may be assessed by end of September. This process is brutally slow. I’m interested to know if anyone has been reassessed out of Winnipeg in 2017? It seems we are ALL waiting.

  58. avatar Brittany Says:
    July 27, 2017 at 3:31 pm


    I talked to someone today about our claim (a company we hired to help us get approved). She informed me they have clients who were approved in Jan/17 and still have not recieved the reassessment part. She advised me to call the local MP office and have them look into it for us. They had started doing this with current clients and it apparently is working. One guy got it back 2 weeks after the MP notified Winnipeg tax centre. They are stating it is taking up to 35 weeks for the tax assessment.

  59. Last ditch effort. JUST registered a formal dispute.

    QUESTION; will I need to resubmit the information that I already gave them with the initial application?

    9 months of waiting. Worse case scenario is I’m back to where I started..but I might as well do something proactive while I’m waiting :/

  60. @S and @Brittany Thanks for the info! I was planning on following up in a few weeks (I figured giving them 6 weeks was ok), but good to know that manual request for reassessment might be and option and the MP helped too.

    Specifically @Brittany, did you file something to simply request reassessment or did you actually fill out which lines need to change? (I had a tax reassessed once because I made a mistake, and filled out which lines needed to change, and it was dealt with within a couple of weeks… of course I owed money then, so)

  61. @KS I only checked the box that asked if we wanted previous years re-asssesed on the orginal form. I have not seen any changes on my account online in regards to reassessment. I called in and they tell me 8 weeks, but others have tole me 35 weeks. Hard to say.

    Has anyone had their reassessment money for previous years owed deposited in the last year? CRA told me they are very understaffed and Winnipeg Tax centre is overloaded because BC Tax Centre sent all their work to them. He told me it is very behind, which I think is unacceptable.

  62. @Nancy. Do you mind me asking how many years back they went for you? I am supposed to be getting 10 years back. Amazing that they were able to get your tax reassessment done so quickly. I have checked very day and there is no reassessments being done on my tax years. I did however get recalculated for CDB right away and will receive that Aug 20 (for three years, and apparently the rest will come later)

  63. avatar Brittany Says:
    August 3, 2017 at 1:29 am

    Has anyone manually mar the changes themselves on cra account?

  64. We applied for and we’re approved for DTC last year for my son for ADHD with severe speech impairement. Yay. In January 2017 we received a further diagnosis of ASD. We sent in January a request to have our taxes reassessed from 2009-2013. CRA didn’t even look at his application until May, and sent my doctor the second questionnaire in July. Now it has gone from we are processing to based on the information we have we are unable to determine if you are entitled to claim? What does that mean??? Sooooo frustrated. He has ASD and would have had it since birth. I paid taxes and worked for all those years and now they don’t have enough information???? What do I do?

  65. Hi. Has anyone ever been approved beyond 10 years? Is there a possibility of having adjustments going back 15-20 years?

  66. @ lisa No sorry CRA only goes back 10 years

  67. Thank you so much to everyone who has posted about the DTC, it has helped tremendously to share and see what is really going on.

    CRA Winnipeg misread the doctor’s report (doctor said Yes, they said he said No) clearly CRA made a clerical error and processed the form wrong.

    We posted, phoned and uploaded letters and documents to show they had made a simple mistake, but 12 weeks later and no response. Rep on phone is no help, reps don’t look at the file, they just say “oh there’s delays”. The Notice of Determination says if you have questions about your Individual File phone that number: not true, reps can’t answer questions about your individual file.

    DTC should be ashamed of its treatment of disabled people. CRA seems to have hired staff with no training and have a bias against mental illness. It is outrageous the lack of resources CRA assigned to processing these claims.

    We certainly will follow this blog’s suggestions: contact our MP, and everyone please fill out the anonymous survey about DTC that comes with the Notice of Determination.

    Please keep posting about your experiences! So helpful!

  68. @Chelsie that just means that they didn’t receive the information from the Dr. in the allotted time but they will keep the file open and review once received.

    I just wanted to give a little update I think most of the people I started this journey with are already long gone from here but after over a year and a half my son was finally approved!!!! We were originally denied then I wrote the MP and sent letters to CRA with more info and that didn’t work either so I filed an appeal back in January and Today I looked online and got some good news 🙂

    One thing my dr. had said to backdate to 2013 and I am still not entitled to 2013/2014 only 2015 to 2022 not sure why but will have to call and see. Also wondering the process from now, my understanding is I have to write a letter to CRA asking then to apply the credit to previous taxes?

  69. avatar Virginia Clark Says:
    August 14, 2017 at 4:44 pm

    So, I have been reading everyone’s comments – thank for sharing! I applied May 2 and finally got approved last week. What a long process! Now I am hoping that the reassessment for the past 5 years won’t take so long – but maybe I’m being overly optimistic???

  70. Hello
    A question on the DTC my daughter was approved today for the years 2017-2022 but not for the previous years 2009-2016
    She was diagnosed with ASD with support
    I spoke to CRA today and they stated that they could not determine the medical information from previous years and encourage new info. Should get my doctor to refill out the long form giving more details. I am frustrated

  71. Ella

    Sent my application in April 5. Called in mid May and they told me they lost it. Resent it May 19 the and approved June 19 the.

    Wife’s Account updated last day of June stating a lump sum payment of 30 months worth to paid July 20th. (CCB)

    at the end of this week will be the 8th week waiting for reassessment. (DTC)

    Wondering if I should call in and ask if I can do them myself online.

  72. Son’s application was in at end of May, been about 10-11 weeks so far. Now just got a letter stating delay in processing. When my spouse spoke to CRA they wouldn’t say why but it seemed like a small delay. I assume they are backlogged??

    There is a notice on our online acct about processing for years 2017 and on…but not about an years prior.

  73. @remie I thought that meant they were sending a questionnaire to your doctor for additional information.

  74. Hello all
    I have a question on the what I should do
    My daughter was approved for the dtc for years 2017-2022 which is great but we had submitted for years prior 2009-2016 when her issues started however we did not have her official assessed until this year. The info I got from CRA was that the info provided from the doctor did not provide enough evidence for those years and we are “encouraged ” to submit more information. Do I ask the doctor to submit a letter speaking to just these years. In clear details. The process is not fun!

  75. @Jake

    Our approval date based on our letter was the end of June, and I called the other day and they said they expected our reassessments (DTC) to be done on Sept 5. If yours is on a similar timeline, it should be soon.

    *caveat, the approval happened after the expected date by about 2 weeks due to backlog, so I’m not really expecting much until end of Sept.

  76. I was approved from 2012…I got back retro from 2015 to now,, I sent in adjustment forms for previous years how long does that take ? its been about 6 weeks

  77. @Michelle

    I’m assuming you’re talking about the CDB. I also recently received the retro for the past 3 years and sent in a letter for the remaining years (2009-2014). I was told could be between 8-12 weeks to process for the tax Centre in Shawiningan.

  78. Called today. was told 14 weeks wait times for DTC. So I’m expecting late September.

    Winnipeg tax office

  79. Yikes, I have been reading for hours….this system is a terrible system! Needs an overhaul!!

    I just sent my paperwork yesterday to Sudbury. Since I sent it recorded courier, I know they received it this morning at 7:09.

    And now the wait begins.

  80. @jake
    i was approved march 27,2017..23 weeks of waiting..called cra twice and said end of sept.

  81. avatar Brittanie Says:
    August 19, 2017 at 2:41 pm

    Hi our son got approved for the disability tax credit back in May We recieved the cdb back payments the following month. We requested the CRA to transfer the disability tax credit Over to my Spouse and they have done that Just yesterday my previous tax years have been reassessed. Does anyone know how much longer we should have to wait until they have my spouses taxes reassessed and How long after do you recieve your back pay for dtc after thats all done? thank you to anyone who can help answer my questions

  82. @Bronwyn, when you appealed the decision did you have to resubmit all the information you sent with the original application? I’d search this forum again but I’ve already been through it a million times for other answers lol

  83. @Brittanie

    It depends on what tax office you deal with. 6 to 8 weeks is what is considered normal. After they have completed reassessment, my understanding is one more week for direct deposit.

  84. Hello I was approved in may 10 years retroactive. I look on my account and they finished my reassessment and part of the refund was mailed aug. 15 which I still haven’t received. I’m just wondering how long it will take to finish my husbands reassessment. There is no new message other than he qualifies to claim me for 10 years. Also do you get to reclaim your provincial taxes as well?

  85. My son got approved on Aug 3 from 2008-2021. I have a credit on my account for the past three years of CDB which will probably be deposited in Sept. I called the Sudbury tax office and they said the wait time for tax reassessment is 35 weeks! That seems for far away. I wrote a letter for them to calculate the CDB from 2008 up to 2014. How long does this take? Anyone got theor second payment for the cdb?

  86. @Laura, how long did it take for you to get approved? That is, when did you first send in your paperwork?

  87. @ paula no I just went online and started the appeal process, I did not get any additional information but I did write a very long note as to why I was appealing.

  88. @Laura my son was just approved from 2015-2022 I don’t see a credit for CDB yet but they have already reassessed my taxes and its showing I will get a refund on Aug 28th. I am also with the Sudbury tax office. Where did the CDB payment show for you?

  89. @Bronwyn If you login to your CRA account go under the benefits and credits tab. Then under benfits click on statement of account under the CCB section. Now under Program statement click the CCB link and you should see how much back pay you received for each month for the past three years. If the process this information before the 5th of the current month then you will gt the payment on the next payment date for that month. My was processed on Aug 9 and will have to wait until Sept for payment. Did you notice anything online saying your taxes were being reassessed? How long after you got approved did your taxes get reassessed?

  90. @Doddle I sent in my paperwork in April. There was a mix up with how they filed it. It was sitting under my son’s account for 8 weeks before I called and found out it was supposed to be under my file. I had to write a letter asking them to switch it over to my account.

  91. @ Bronwyn, perfect thanks. That’s exactly what I did! Now I just wait. Not going to harass them for information as much or at all like I did with the initial application lol. How long did it take for you to hear back from an agent?. did your online statement change from denied to processing again?

  92. @ Bronwyn BTW Congratulations!

  93. @Paula Thanks 🙂 I really didn’t think this process was ever going to end lol. I appealed the beginning of January so it took about 7months and I literally just saw I was approved when I checked my online account I still haven’t even gotten an “official letter” yet. I never had a call from an agent. Expect for it to take a year and if it happens faster bonus. Good luck 🙂 Oh and yes it changed back to processing then changed to entitled from 2015-2022. Now I have to see if its worth fighting for 2013/2014 as my Dr. stated 2013 as the date we started noticing “red flags” for my son.

  94. How long before you see something on your account page, for the “initial application”? And what is it one sees?

    Thanks @Laura

  95. @Doodle I think when I sent the original form it took about 6 weeks to see an update online and it just say “processing”. It will be under the disability tab on the main page of your account

  96. @ Bronwyn,


    I am going to wait until September and call them to make SURE they are actually processing it. Don’t want to hear in 3 months that they lost it!!!

  97. Hey all,
    Thanks for posting.
    My daughter was approved for years 2017-2022 which is good but not for previous years 2009-2016 which is not great given more issues back then. The letter we received stated due to the medical information provided they could not determine the condition was present, and to submit further info. In order to get these years had anyone just submitted a letter from the doctor and had them speak to just those years that were not approved.

  98. @Laura, congrats! I’m sure that with updated info, you will get it back dated. Fingers crossed!!

  99. @Laura Im in the same situation we were approved 2015-2022 but not 2013 and 2014 as my Dr. had stated on the original form. I may try writing a letter myself first than asking the dr. to write one if needed.

  100. Hi,

    I have received my approval letter for the DTC and just checked today on My Account on the CRA Website and it says I have a credit on my CCB account. What does this mean? Are they going to send me that amount? If so how long before I receive it? it doesn’t say when I will receive it, it just says that i have a credit…

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