The Disability Tax Credit

There are two types of disability tax credits: non-refundable and refundable.  Non-refundable tax credits can reduce tax owed to zero, but can’t be used to get a refund. A refundable credit can reduce your tax below zero and provide you with a refund.

The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) is a non-refundable tax credit, which means that someone who has low or no income will not benefit from this credit. However, the credit is transferable. So someone who qualifies could transfer all or a portion of the DTC to a spouse – legal and common law — who can then reduce his/her tax payable.

A lot of confusion comes from is the fact that the criteria for qualifying for the DTC is not precise.  In 2001, the criteria were expanded to include life sustaining treatments requiring 14 hours per week or more. In 2005 the criteria were expanded further to include the time needed to calculate dosage for medications that require dosage on a daily basis.

To simplify the qualifying criteria, the condition must exist for longer than 12 months, and must markedly affect one or more of the basic functions of life, which include walking, eating,  speaking, and self-care, or require a significant time commitment to manage life sustaining treatments.

You are eligible for the disability amount only if a qualified practitioner certifies that you have a severe and prolonged impairment and it’s effects on the form T2201, and the form is approved. There is a self-assessment questionnaire available on the T2201 form itself, so you can have a look-see to determine if you might qualify.  Also on the form are definitions of “life sustaining treatment” along with other terms. If you believe you may qualify, proceed with an application. No harm is done if you don’t receive approval but tremendous benefits can be claimed if you are.

If you are approved for the DTC, it is usually retroactive and in place for several years. Once approved, claims for the past years are done through a T1 adjustment. In the event that the approved taxpayer does not require the entire credit, an adjustment must also be done for a spouse’s or parent’s return.  These adjustments are processed manually by the tax centre so they may take some time, but they can result in large refunds.

Here are some examples for you:

  • A man and his wife have never applied for the credit.  Based on statements by the husband, their accountant recommended that they request their doctor to complete a T2201 form to apply for the DTC based on the wife’s deteriorating condition due to dementia/Alzheimers. The husband was reluctant due to the fact that his wife was in denial about the severity of her impairment. The application was approved retroactive to 2004. After adjustments, the couple received over $7,000 in refunds.
  • A couple with young children have been challenged by the wife’s cancer diagnosis. Her condition requires ongoing travel for treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital. Her application was approved and her taxes were reduced by $1,700 in 2007. In addition, she applied for credits for travel and meals for the trips into Toronto for the treatment.
  • A gentleman experienced a rapid decline after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, passing away within four months of the diagnosis. We processed a DTC application after his death and were able to adjust the return for the year he died.  And a portion of the credit was transferred to his common law partner.

If you think you may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, here are the steps you need to follow?

  1. Download the T2201 form from the CRA website.  There is also a fillable version of the form.
  2. Have your doctor complete the form. Most family doctors are familiar it. They may charge you a small fee for completing the form.
  3. Send the form into the CRA and wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Your application is reviewed to ensure that you meet the criteria.

Once you are approved, you will receive a letter indicating to which years any retroactive approval is available. The letter will also indicate how long you may claim the deduction without having to reapply.

For retroactive years, you can download an adjustment form or request that your tax preparer complete the form for you. Send the form in and wait. And wait. And wait!  These adjustments often take 6 – 8 weeks to process.

If you or your spouse will be claiming this credit, you should update your withholding information at your workplace by completing a new TD1 form. This will reduce the tax withheld on each pay, putting the money into your hands sooner rather than waiting for your tax return to be assessed.

Remember, once you are eligible for the DTC, you are automatically qualified for the Registered Disability Savings Account including all the grants and bonds.

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  1. @Shelly yes he gave me the form and the envelope they provided to mail it back; I kept a copy for my record. I think this form has to be mailed it does not give an option to fax it. And yes my doctor put examples for all of the questions.

    Just a thought and I may call to confirm but it also took 2 months for any update on my online account when the application was originally mailed and its only been about 5/6 weeks since my questionnaire was sent so maybe they just changed my status again as they had not received the forms (or looked at them). Either way I have send in a letter and will do a formal dispute if there are no more updates by the end of the month.

  2. I am applying for my disabled elderly mother because her income is too low. If she receives anything I well transfer it to her account. She lives on her own and I live 4 hrs away from her but visit frequently. She is capable of living on her own but I have people in place to help her. She has congestive heart failure and arthritis and walks with a walker. I shop for her and clean for her and over see her finances when I am at her house. I am just wondering if people ever get audited after receiving the tax credit. They said they would go back 10 years but I have never kept grocery store receipts or gas receipts of any kind. How would this work if I am ever audited. Just being paranoid I guess.

    Thanks in advance for any answers.

  3. @Suzanne

    Hi Suzanne,

    The Disability tax credit (DTC) is payable retroactively for up to 10 previous years. If your Mother is approved for the credit you would need to ask the CRA T1 adjustments team to re assess her taxes for the previous 10 years and apply the DTC. There are no receipts required for gas, grocery, etc for this re assessment. There is a fax # that you can send in a plain letter requesting them to do this. The process however as I am sure you may have read can be quite lengthy when applying for the DTC. I hope this helps a little.



  4. Well All,

    I have contacted the CRA in Sudbury today to request the status of my youngest sons DTC application. The agent from CRA mentioned that they are backlogged in Sudbury and are taking a minimum 8 weeks for a decision, provided everything goes well, and they don’t send a 2nd letter to the Doctor as we all seem to have had experience with. I suspect they will send a letter again for my youngest son to the doctor. Being frustrated as I am again with the CRA, today I have taken extra steps by sending a letter to Glen Thibeault (MPP, for Greater Sudbury) who suggested that I speak to Marc Serre (Federal MP, for Greater Sudbury). I acted on the suggestion and sent a letter to Marc Serre also requesting help dealing with CRA wait times. I explained that it seems to be an average of 5 months or so from the time of application, until approval, and monies entitled to are payed out. I explained how their are many families that are experiencing the same difficulties and it is completely uncalled for.

    I will update you with any response I get. I might suggest to many of you who seem to be experiencing large delays, to also contact your federal MP for your jurisdiction and voice your concerns and call this issue to action. Perhaps the more people calling for action may cause the process to be reviewed, and with luck speed things up. FYI Here is a copy of the letter I sent to my MP:

    Good Afternoon Mr. Serre,

    I am writing you in hopes that you can address a large concern of mine as well as many other Sudburians/Canadians currently face. I have sent a similar letter to Glenn Thibeault’s office, who referred me to you as my concern s with CRA, and CRA is a federal matter.

    I am the father of 2 children that are diagnosed ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). My youngest son was recently diagnosed.

    Last year when we received the diagnosis for my oldest son, we proceeded to file for his Disability Tax Credit and associated Child Disability Benefit as he is diagnosed being markedly restricted in all aspects of every day life. When my wife and I sent in his form T2201 to CRA, it has taken them almost 3 months to approve him for the DTC as well as Disability benefit. They say it usually takes 8 weeks for approval, unless there are complications, and they need to send a letter to the physician requesting more information.

    This was the case last year with my oldest son(Sending a letter to the Physician) that prolonged approval to 12 weeks approximately. Then once he was approved it had taken upwards of another 6-8 weeks before we had received any monies that he was entitled to for the DTC as well as CDB. The total process was about 5 months.

    I just spoke to CRA today regarding my youngest son’s diagnosis and filing for his DTC and CDB and they claimed to be backlogged and again we seem to be going through the same ordeal as last year.

    5 Months average is too long of a period for many families who are barely making ends meat, to need to wait for their child’s entitlement.

    I have been researching the sudbury CRA office (and many others) by reviewing blogs ( )of other parents who seem to have the same issue with CRA prolonging the process by sending a letter to the physician verifying what they have already claimed on the T2201 form. Part B of the T2201 form the physician fills out for the patient which is a “certification of disability” from the physician. What I fail to understand is if a physician is signing a certification of disability, what more should be required. They are saying very plainly and signing that the person is disabled. I could understand if CRA sent out the odd letter for clarification, but the amount of people that I am reading that have had the same experience with a letter being sent to their physician especially from the Greater Sudbury CRA office, is uncalled for.

    When Prime Minister Trudeau accepted office, one of the commitments his government made was to try to help autism specifically by lowering wait times for diagnosis, as well as speeding up government services where possible.

    Can you please call for action requiring CRA to revisit their application review times. If Sudbury is backlogged or anywhere else for that matter, they should hire employees to relieve the backlog. Sudburyians and all Canadians for that matter should not have to suffer because a federal department cannot staff adequately to deal with demand of current times. This has been extremely frustrating dealing with CRA for myself as well as many other families across the country.

    Any assistance you can give in this matter would be greatly appreciated by myself as well as many others.

    Kindest Regards,


    Cheers Everyone,


  5. Hi everyone, I am on 3rd application with second Doc this Tim it’s my p doc. Denied with family doctor twice . Anyone a plied 3 times and if so what was the decision?

  6. @nadine, do you have an online cra account set up? It took me 8 weeks before it even showed that it was recieved and processing.

  7. @bronwyn it took about 7 or 8 weeks for my online account to change to processing after sending the original forms my Dr waited 8 weeks before calling to tell me I had to mail them the questionnaire was sent august 26th and it was just the other day she called me in to provide examples so I’m waiting for her to send it or contact me to send it in. From previous posts it seems some got their decision a couple short weeks after the second questionnaire was recieved. If it’s been 5 or 6 weeks I’d definitely look into it.

  8. @Daniel

    Thanks awesome.. good for you for taking a stand! I will defiantly take part in this 🙂

  9. @Bronwyn

    Happy to hear you’ll take part. Please keep us informed should your Federal MP respond. I have not received anything back as of yet (from mine), but will let you all know the response should I do!

  10. Good afternoon everyone. Well I just mailed of my sons application for the DTC today Nov 8/16. I sure hope it wont be a super long wait lol. He was diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, ODD, Anxiety and Depression and the doctor did make sure to note on his application to go back to 2007 and he even had me send a copy of the child psychologist report that backs up the diagnoses as well I had to meet with a child developmental specialist who completed a ton of paperwork and wrote down examples of how he is restricted in all areas. Hope all this extra work helps the process
    I will keep you posted 🙂

  11. @ Ashley,

    The Examples from the development specialist should help. When my oldest son was diagnosed ASD last year, my wife and I included the entire copy of his diagnosis (10 page report with all explanations) with his T2201 DTC form and CRA STILL sent out a second questionaire to pediatrician. Usually they do this when they are unsure and need further explanation. With you sending them the diagnosis, may not help in your case, however what you seem to have going for you which may help is the examples from the developmental specialist. Good luck. Please keep us informed of outcome.



  12. Good evening…
    I have been in receipt of the disability tax credit since 2005. I was unaware of the tax credit transfer until this year and wanted my one son who supplied me with financial assistance for 6 years, years 2007 to 2012 inclusive, to take advantage of this. My son applied and subsequently was asked to supply evidence of such assistance. He of course did not have receipts for these years so he supplied his bank statements with what we considered his contribution highlighted for them. He has now been denied the transfer and wonder what recourse he has, if any. BTW, my other son who contributed financially for the years 2013 to 2015 inclusive had no problem. I have had no taxable income for the years 2007 to 2015.
    Thanks in advance

  13. @ Pamela,

    Pamela, your 2nd son that has been claiming the credit from 2013-2015, whom has not had any problems claiming it; What documents has he been submitting that proves he has been contributing and that CRA is accepting. What kind of financial assistance is being rendered. Is it for help with shelter, food, medication, etc? If it is for shelter, perhaps you can write him a receipt for that time period, vs a bank statement. If it is for medication, perhaps the pharmacy may be able to trace back some of the receipts for you (At least within the last 7 years I would think if any). Also you might want to talk to CRA and see what exactly they will accept as proof. Finally if all else fails, perhaps you can speak to your local Federal Member of Parliament and see if a swarn affidavit may act as proof. Sorry I can’t be of much more help. If I can think of anything else I will mention it. Good Luck.



  14. UPDATE FYI: For anyone who is sending an email or letter to their Federal MP, endure you have your home address attached. As I recently found out when I contacted mine, it had taken them 6 days to contact me back and request my address to verify I was within the MP’s local jurisdiction and they were able to assist. If you don’t include it, they will ask and it will only prolong any assistance they can give us that much longer!
    More updates to come.



  15. @Daniel please let us know once you hear anything else

  16. @bronwyn any updates for you

  17. UPDATE:

    Hey All,

    I just signed into my CRA account to check on the status of my youngest sons DTC. My account said he WAS accepted for DTC from 2014 until 2018. It has literally been 4 weeks this time around!!! I STRONGLY suggest to many of you to send a letter or speak to your federal member of parliament because I truly believe that mine has lit a fire under CRA’s backside to make the acceptance happen THIS quick. I dont think it would have otherwise. I am thinking that it is just temporary which is why they only approved 4 years (possibly while they review more in depth. I am not sure ).

    I’ll let you all know more of a timeline it takes for money to come in as well.



  18. @Shelly no updates for me I send a letter asking them to re consider my request before sending an appeal but have not heard anything back. DO you know if your forms have finally been sent? Maybe you should try writing to your MP for a faster resolution.

    @Danile that’s amazing news, I wonder if I could have them have CRA re look at my original app.? Maybe it was the wording used. There is no way my son should not qualify

  19. @Shelly I forgot to mention that I did end up getting the letter in the mail stating he does not qualify

  20. Submitted my husband’s DTC forms by mail on Sep 21st. Checked online today and see status is “We are processing your information…”. This is just under 8 weeks via the Winnipeg taxation centre.

  21. @Daniel I don’t know who my federal mp is

  22. I juse emailed my federal mp idk if he will respond but hopefully reads it.

  23. @Shelly I also mailed my letter to my MP yesterday, lets see if this helps

    @Donna this seems to be the timeline for most of us for the first “update” in total I waited 5 and a half months for my answer and now I’m waiting again to see if I need to appeal the decision or if they will accept the letter I send.

  24. UPDATE:

    Hey all. When I found out a couple days ago that my son was accepted, I went online into my CRA account and submitted a letter to them electronically to request that they re asses my taxes for 2014 and 2015. Today I contacted CRA via telephone to see if they had received my letter. The agent said that they had and they were already processing it. She said not to be supprized if it is not completed within the next 2 weeks. She also informed me that apparently it is MUCH quicker to process submitted online then by mail. I did not know that before. I would recommend to anyone that does get approval, to submit these letters (letter to reassess taxes to reflect the DTC, and Letter for them to payout all remaining monies owed that you are entitled to prior to the “2 years” retroactive payout) via your “my account” on CRA site.

    Again, I will let you know when I actually do receive any monies from them.



  25. It’s been 3 weeks since I met with the dr to help provide specifics in regards to the 2nd questionnaire and my account still says unable to determine. It’s wonderful to see people getting approved hassle free, I’m beginning to feel like giving up, is this all really worth almost 1 year of my life possibly more from what I’ve seen others experience.

  26. @Bronwyn,

    What were the questions on the questionnaire? I have to fill out form with my doctor next week. It took 11 weeks to say “processing” and letter sent out yesterday about delay. Thanks. Laura

  27. @Shelley

    What were the questions on the questionnaire? I have to fill out form with my doctor next week. It took 11 weeks to say “processing” and letter sent out yesterday about delay. Thanks. Laura

  28. @Laura each question has a yes or no area then asks to provide examples

    -can your patient perform his daily living skills at a level expected for a child of the same age?

    -can your patient express his basic needs and respond to social interactions appropriately as compared to a child of the same age?

    -Does your patient have a severe developmental delay that affects his daily functioning?

    -Can your patient make age-appropriate decisions and judgments in day-to-day situations

    -Does your patient have basic impulse control as would be expected for a child of the same age?

    -Does your patient require one-on-one support to function at home and at school

    -Does your patient have a severe memory impairment?

    -Can your patient adapt to minor changes in his environment or daily routine?

    -Is your patients ability to perform the mental functions necessary for every day life likely to improve?

    -Has your patients impairments lasted, or is it expected to last for continuous period of at least 12 months?

  29. @Laura mine were exactly as bronwyn stated

  30. @Shelly and Bronwyn. Thank you. It helps knowing what is asked so that I can write down examples and be prepared. Sometimes it’s overwhelming having to provide info on the spot because of so much going on , on a daily basis Thanks again ladies.

  31. I mailed out my son’s disability tax credit forms November 10th 2016, He got denied the first time in which i sent October 6th 2016 and received a notice on CRA account November 3rd 2016 saying i could not claim. Moving on, i got our family doctor to fill it out correctly as His psychologist only knew him for a little while, our family doctor has written down that because of his Disability he can not function in his daily activities it is continues for more than 12 months and we do not know when it will go away. He dated all the way back to 1998. I am just worried we will get denied this time. any thoughts?

  32. @Martin.

    They may just request your family doc to complete a questionnaire if they require more info. They only go back retro 10 yrs. the dr will state that disability became effective year of birth. But they only back pay 10 yrs. hope you get approved.

  33. @Laura

    should that be the case and my son was accepted and they go back to 10 years. how much can i expect what is the maximum between DTC and can i also get a lump sum for CDB? how much in total i just want to know because people are throwing up to $45,000 just from Disability tax credit so I’m just wondering.

  34. Totally frustrated had an appointment with my Dr November 24th for a new pediatrician referral my son’s has left his practice. I was told to wait until he sees mental health again and if they request it she would refer. Then mentions casually she will complete the questionnaire and get it out that day!! Over 3 weeks after I was into the office to fill out examples on paper for her to refer to. Beyond frustrated with THIS BS process

  35. Frustration level at all time HIGH!!!!
    My husband has been off work for over two years. At the beginning he had a bit of income through EI that is when we started the application process. We have been fighting for over a year and a half now to get my husband on Permanent Disability and approved for the disability tax credit. We have filled out the forms six times with one doctor at the clinic we go to, after he left the clinic we had another doctor fill out the forms. (7 times we had to get the forms filled out till they were right) On the last for the doctor wrote this is a severe and prolong condition and permanent. We were told receintly he was approved for 2008-2011 and we are still waiting for 2012 till present. His condition is debilitating some day to the point he has trouble doing day to day tasks. Our family of four is currently living off my wage as a receptionist. Money is very tight but we manage. We are in the process of appling for his taxes to be reassesed with any extra unused credit being applied to me.
    I dont uderstand why this has to be so difficult. A few years ago our pedeatrician sent in an aplication for our olest son and was approved right away. The only thing I had to do was request back to the year after he was born.
    Fingers crossed we can get some results for my husband. Not having any type of income for two years isn’t fun. Thats extra money we could be using to make his day to day easier.

  36. @Martin. Everyone’s return /refund is different. It depends on your financial situation etc.

  37. Denied DTC. I suffer from complex PTSD and severe anxiety.

    Is an appeal worth it? It is just so exhausting dealing with mental illness and then having to prove disability over and over.

    Waiting for CPP Disability decision, I expect that will also be denied.

    Just wears you down.

  38. My application was denied for the second time for my 14 year old daughter who has severe add. It said she did not take an inordinate amount of time to dress or eat (which she does and my doctor indicated this was so)

    It said they determined her mental functioning was not a problem 90% or more of the time and is only a problem when under stress. (Which is not true – it is always a problem 100% of the time)

    Would it be enough to have my doctor write a new letter stating her condition and symptoms are present 100% of the time and are not only present during stressful situation but present all of the time. That stressful situation cause the symptoms to be exaggerated?

    Is it better to just send in more information and ask for a review or is it better to start a whole new application?

  39. Also –

    With the questionnaire the doctor gets what do most of you have the doctor indicated on that? I think he filled hers out wrong. I wasn’t there. I would like to be there to discuss it with him.

    How many of those questions must recieve a yes?

    Could you give me some examples of how that questionnaire was filled out.

    Thank you

  40. @LyCynda I wish I had some answers for you but I am in the same situation. My Dr. answered Yes to all the questions on the questionnaire except the one about memory and my son was denied. I wrote a letter outlining his daily struggles and they wont even take it into consideration as it is from me and not the Dr. I have also contacted my MP who is contacting CRA directly for me so we will see what happens.

  41. I have also contacted my federal MLA but I haven’t heard back. I assume the teacher strike in NS has taken all of his time. Really I don’t understand the application required a dr to certify the person has a disability which they do and cra sends another letter saying are you sure how sure are you please elaborate, the dr elaborates on the disability they have already stated their patient suffers from sends this back and then the cra says nah we are going to say that’s not true and deny this application. Basically what I’ve been seeing happen! During the time since my original application my sons pediatrician has left his practice my family dr says the pediatricians are stretched to thin and would only refer if mental health requests it. Last letter from his pediatrician to the family dr stated he is doing well and didn’t require to see him unless new issue arise. New issues have arisin and I need to have my son re assessed for ASD and a non verbal learning disability. Over 5 years of hoop jumping I’m just fed up and I myself suffer from mental health issues dealing with his problems and helping him cope and all that is going along with it has been taxing on myself I’m fed up and giving up.

  42. @Shelly, I completely understand your frustration. We as parents are doing everything we can for our children and this process should be one of the easy ones. Our kids need all the supports they can get and the lack of help available is very disturbing. I’m not sure where abouts you live but I was able to have my son referred to a neurologist who had him see her developmental team and he was then given an ASD diagnosis. Unfortunately for the CRA side of things I was told my family dr would have to complete the paper work for the DTC, he had no problem doing this but he has little experience with this. I have to admit I am feeling like its not worth the stress either trying to have this appealed and most likely re-applying. I will wait for the information I get from the MP’s office, they told me they would have information on my case in about 10 business days and that was 9 business days ago so we will see.

  43. That’s amazing your MP is working on this for you, I’m in Nova Scotia our government can’t even get collective bargaining with our school teachers right let alone do something for one of the people who voted them I’m. Where I live there is a dr shortage 1 occupational therapist on the isand a year long wait for speach pathology I’m currently 4 months into another 6 month wait for an appointment with mental health because he has no pediatrician. It’s all pretty ridiculous

  44. Im so annoyed, they sent a questionnaire out to my family doctor, and will not even give me the option of sending it back to them on my CRA account. my family doctor has to send the original to them which is going to take just two weeks to get to them. I do not understand why they need to verify again when all the questions that are going to be on the questionnaire was already answered in the original application for the disability tax credit. This process is beyond frustrating some people do not even receive the questionnaire, i feel as if it all depends on who is handling your file. They need to change up this system of sending additional questions when all was already answered. The government needs to do something about this whole disability tax credit system. Unbelievable how upsetting this is.

  45. Hey so I just checked my CRA account and it says ‘We are processing your information for the DTC for ****’ What does this mean? Does this just mean they have the application and I still have to wait to see if my son was approved? This is all so confusing lol

  46. @Martin I agree with you the whole process is beyond frustrating. I have even involved my MP and they told me CRA would respond to them within 10 business days and Im now on business day 18!!!! and no word!

    @Ashlea that just means that they have received your application and it will now go one of three ways, you may be approved, declined or have the additional questionnaire sent to your doctor

  47. Yes, @Bronwyn I had emailed the Prime Minister office and they redirected me to someone who may possibly help me out. I have to contact her to see if this person can help me in any way. Im just frustrated because they requested additional documentation from my family doctor for my son. What more do they need?! The doctor will not just lie on documents and risk they’re profession just for one person who is trying to apply for disability tax credit. I feel like they are just wasting time which is unacceptable and CRA agents are extremely rude. I am just tired of this process and the wait times. Even if my son is accepted, i still will feel horrible for what others people have to go through. My doctor checked YES to all the mental function for my son, and stated it back to birth 1997. Although this is a new family doctor this may be the reason as to why they request additional questions. This process is just a total mess and someone needs to fix it because we pay our part in society now the government needs to start paying they’re part. FIX UP THE SYSTEM. Now i am more worried because I Contacted my family doctor they received the questionnaires but when i asked to come in and speak to the doctor in regards to explaining more information should the CRA need it on the form, the secretary said that it is okay the doctor will take care of it.which i do not know what that means.. I just feel extremely upset and frustrated and some people just get accepted with no biggie and some with even the doctors approval will get a delay in the application. UPSET TO THE MAX.

  48. My husband was approved in August to claim disability for my daughter. It shows
    on his account they are doing the assessment. I called today to see how much longer
    it will take and was told Sudbury office takes 36 weeks to process any adjustments.
    So now I am looking at August of 2017 to see anything on the account.

  49. @bronwyn
    2nd email sent to my MP tonight in regards to this and much more. I’m still sitting at unable to determine can’t reach the dr I don’t even know if she sent it back it’s almost 4 months. I wish I could call and cancel the application and have the dr start from scratch bet that wouldn’t be pleasing

  50. @Shelly I was hoping for a better update from you 🙁

    and 36 weeks to process is INSANE!!!! I’m with Sudbury tax center too , maybe that’s why I haven’t heard back from the MP office.

  51. Well after 4 months including questionnaire being completed by dr, my son was approved. However, they only approved from 2011-2021. He was born in 07, and dr stated that impairment has been since birth. I think they only went back to 2011 because this is what dr put as having records on file from. ?? Very thankful that he was approved, now going to see if they will go back to 2007 as stated on original application.

  52. Good for you and your son Laura!

    I received a letter for my daughter saying that we are not entitled to claim for the DTC.
    I really don’t know if it is worthwhile to dispute and if I chose this method how would I even start??

  53. My songot denied the second time.. apparently when i called CRA the determinators believe that the condition is not there 90% of the time even though it is lasted longer than 12 months my doctor had filled everything correctly. The lady said when your letter comes in the mail take it to your family doctor and get them to write a detailed letter which clearly states that your sons disability is there for more than 90% of the time. I am so annoyed and confused… I do not think its worth it to go through this whole thing again. What do you guys think I should do!?

  54. Can you be working and still qualify? My doctor says no my accountant says yes? I am bipolar and have adhd.

  55. @ Angela I would definitely reapply not appeal. Just ask your doctor to be more detailed when filling out the original application. And if they need further info make sure you and your doctor complete it together so that enough info provided.

    @ Martin I would take the advice of the person on the phone and have dr write a letter. If that doesn’t work then You could reapply and make sure the form is as detailed as possible. It’s really all about how detailed the forms are.

    @ Scott, absolutely, it’s better if you’re are working as you will benefit at income tax time. Maybe your dr is confusing the DTC with Ontario disability support program?? There are two completely different things.

    Hope all of you will be approved very soon.

  56. Hey Laura.. May i ask for your email to discuss further concerns, i need some more assistance in regards to getting accepted.


  57. I just did my formal “appeal” last week, so now I wait once again.

  58. I just did an appeal as well, doctor note with more explanation supporting documents and a note from me explaining my sons issues.

  59. Looks like things have been moving through the Winnipeg Taxation Centre. Here are our timelines:
    September 21, 2016 – submit original application for husband’s DTC.
    October 16 – “We are processing your information.”
    December 6 – Doctor received and mailed back the follow-up questionnaire (CRA wanted confirmation of disability start date)
    January 6, 2017 – “You are eligible to claim the disability tax credit for yourself.”
    January 10 – “Your 2006-2015 returned were reassessed – available to view on January 16.”

    For several prior years, the DTC will need to be transferred to my returns but nothing is showing yet on my account (husband submitted letter with original application asking that amounts be transferred when necessary).

    Hopefully, everyone else’s claims/adjustments start being assessed sooner than 36 weeks.

  60. avatar MissLissa Says:
    January 10, 2017 at 9:31 pm

    Hey guys my son was approved for DTC yesterday. He is only 2and a half. Do I have to send anything in for reassessment of tax years??? Or to get the benefit retro??? It’s already showing the benefit starting next month in my account but nothing about retro???
    Any ideas.
    Thanks everyone

  61. @Donna that’s great I wish things moved that fast at my tax center

    @MissLisa yes you have to write a request to have the taxes backdated as for the credit did you check off the box on the original application to have them backdate? I think they will go back 2 years without having to do a formal request.

    @martin looks like we wait once again, I did not add any new information from my dr. but I may ask him to write a letter to attach. I feel like a pain having to ask to for more all the time. I also got a response from the MP office after 31 business days (they told me 10) and all they said was the same information CRA already told me in a letter. Very general reasons why we are not eligible nothing specific.

    @Shelly any updates for you?

  62. @Bronwyn
    Yes we wait again, After submitting my letter to the prime minister office, they redirected me to one of the head’s of the CRA! She was very kind, but explained that it does take a long time as many people wan’t their taxes reassessed 10 years thats why we wait so long which took a load off of me, this whole time i thought maybe they were being lazy and waiting till the last week of their deadline but i got that answer. My family doctor gave me a letter to attach for my son, but the way he wrote it made me kind of upset me and now I am worried if my son will get accepted. For example, “Martin claims his son has been mentally challenged since birth” “Martin claims he has to dress his son everyday and it takes his son much longer to wear clothes compared to someone his son’s age” “Martin’s son condition is present more than 90% of the time” So now I just wait and see if there is light at the end of the tunnel. This whole process is stressful. I really hope you get accepted Bronwyn!! LET ME KNOW IF ANYTHING CHANGES FOR YOU

  63. Well it looks like after recieving the second questionnaire the first week of September 2016 , going to my Dr office first week of November to help provide specifics returning the end of November to get another pediatrician referral the end of November that sometime before xmas the dr sent the paperwork work back to cra. When they don’t know in the original envelope they don’t know. The tax office hasn’t received it they say it can take up to 2 weeks after receiving it to see anything on my account I’m still sitting at we are unable to determine. I began this process in April 2016. After my Dr refused to refer to another pediatrician due to the lack of Dr’s and stated we will see what mental health says when you see them in February. I tracked down my son’s pediatrician who in fact is still seeing some patients until a replacement is found I emailed him with our latest difficulties and we were able to get to see him ad he once again referred my son to an in home division of mental health ICBTT. So although I’ve made zero headway with my DTC application process I am however making progress with getting much more needed help for my son.

  64. Well as of today CRA has yet to receive the 2nd questionnaire that on multiple occasions my Dr office informed me it was mailed before xmas. I’ve hit a road block, they don’t have it the dr says it’s mailed not to much else I can do from here. Resending it and awaiting the dr to take another 4 months to fill it out if she even agrees to?? I’m giving up on my DTC application. There’s too much on my plate to deal with the added stress any longer. If I get any updates I’ll be sure to inform, good luck everyone.

  65. Shelly.. your doctor’s office has a copy of it and then
    ask them to fax it to the CRA. the questionnaire has thw fax number on it.. dont be shy to ask them after all you did pay the doctor for this! two weeks after my doctors secretary faxed the questionnaire I got my answer… approved!

  66. @tina
    I was told it couldn’t be faxed and had to be returned by mail via the envelope provided. It’s been mass confusion my last apt on November 27 she said I’ll finish this up and get it out. Before xmas I had another secretary in the office check and it was stamped sent the 24th but wouldn’t let me see what was sent and I saw my Dr with the forms on the 27th. I spoke to the office January 3 or 4 they assured me it was sent CRA said it can take up to 2 weeks to show on their side. They have still yet to say they recieved anything. What tax office did you tdeal with could it maybe specific locations that allow it to be faxed.

  67. @shelly

    Yes, i sent my son’s to the sudbury tax centre (HORRIBLE TAX CENTRE) !!
    my doctor office filled it up and sealed it and wouldnt let me see it either, two weeks later i called and i got denied again BASED ON WHAT THE DOCTOR SAID.. but how will my doctor know the daily struggles that my son goes through on a day to day basis on his own. This whole process is stressful– now i went to the doctor and got additional information to be provided, hopefully we hear some news soon. GOOD NEWS.

  68. Great news, my son was accepted as of today…. 2007-2025
    what is next?

  69. Shelly it was the Sudbury tax office.. I let the agent that I talked to that its been faxed in addition to originals being mailed. I wasnt taking chances since my doctor had already sat on the questionnaire for ONE month!

    Martin they will calculate CDB pretty quickly for the last 3 years 2016-2014. You will probably see this on next months CTB Feb 20… As for the previous years who knows… Im still waiting for previous years 2011-2013..

  70. Hey guys,
    My husband is claiming the DTC on my behalf and this morning he checked his account and this message was there. I was just wondering does this mean I am approved at this point? What happens next? Thanks for any input!

    “Our records indicate the following disability tax credit information for:

    DIANE xxxx (spouse or common-law partner)
    Year Status
    2009 – 2020 You are entitled to claim the disability tax credit for DIANE xxxxx
    This page provides information concerning the disability tax credit (DTC). For more information; see your Notice of Assessment or Notice of Reassessment. If there is no information regarding the disability tax credit on your Notice of Assessment, you do not need to send us another T2201 unless we ask you for one. Your DTC claim may be subject to a review at any time. “

  71. Dianne yes it means you are approved! Keep watching out for the next few days as they usually calculate the back taxes pretty quickly for the last three years. You will also get a letter in the mail..

  72. Thanks so much Tina! Good luck to everyone else! I’m from NL and my application was dropped off on October 26th/16.

  73. @ Martin that’s amazing news!!!! When did you start your appeal? I was told by the MP office that an appeal can take up to 18months! I’m also with Sudbury 🙁 They also told me someone from CRA will be calling me to discuss the appeal.

    @Shelly any new updates?

  74. No updates , my Dr sat on mine for months now one says it was sent the other says it hasn’t been recieved

  75. my son got approved as of this week, yet there is no updates in regards to CDB or retro taxes. i’ve heard people say the cdb are fast and should be updated quickly? any opinions on this?

  76. martin my guess is since its the start of tax season things will be slower than usual.. my son was approved end of dec and the ff week cbd were updated…

  77. @tina so your son got accepted end of December and it was updated beginning of February for you ? So everything got reassessed and CDB was retro too?

  78. @martin he was approved around Dec 29.. Jan 3 future CBD were updated on line and payment received Jan 20 for 2014, 2015 and 2016 back pay. 2014 and 2015 taxes were assesed on Jan 16.. Now only waiting for CDB and taxes re assesment from 2011 -2013…fighting the urge now to call them as they probably will just tell me that they are busy now for tax season….

  79. @tina
    thats strange, i was wondering because people say that something should be updated unless im seeing the wrong section on my CRA account, My son got approved Jan 30th and still no update, i guess ill wait till tuesday and give them a call. && You should just give them a call first thing monday morning and ask for an update, it is your rightful duty and that is why they are there for too answer any questions. some of those call representatives are complete douche bags and rude for no reason.

  80. I waited 13 Weeks for the Winnipeg office to deny my son who is ADHD/LD/Some Oppositional traits. I sent in his PE assessments which was 26 pages and clearly stated that he disabled more that 90% of the time . CRA comes back saying that Stressful situations trigger his ADHD… WHAT?!!! Lucky for me he has a follow up appt next week and this is will be re submitted. I cannot believe the grief people have to go through to get approved and the wait times? really? this is ludicrous. I normally would just shut the door after the decline but I know that this decision is wrong and it needs to be looked at again. It should not be words that determine someones eligibility, If a Dr. signs these forms and puts their career and name on the line for a person and feels that they are eligible they should be. I get people try to beat and abuse the system but c’mon. End Rant.

  81. @katie
    totally agree with you, wait times are ridiculous and a joke, the CRA representative’s all are rude and some of them have no idea half the things they say. As far as being denied, unless your child; god forbid; has no legs they don’t believe anything else is a disability and majority of the time they will decline you. My son got declined two times and i was fed up with the system, i got my doctor to write a detailed letter and explained everything on the letter and finally he was approved. The department for disability tax credit all say “DO NOT SIGN UP FOR COMPANIES THAT CHARGE 30% FEE IN THE EVENT YOU GET APPROVED” well maybe if you did not make the system extremely long and hard some people would not sign up with those companies. I even got the MP to investigate because i was fed up, i sent a bunch of requests to politicians to please change the system and make it easier for people to apply, if a doctor puts their name on the line!!! why would the doctor risk his or her career if they do not believe the person has a disability. UNBELIEVABLE! The hard part is getting approved, but the longest part is waiting for your taxes and CDB to get reassessed. Apparently takes 36 weeks now.

  82. @Katie and @Martin OMG I agree so frustrating and after waiting 6 months just to be denied I have to wait up to another year for my appeal INSANE! and the sad part is I know 100% my son qualifies. These funds could be being used for much needed therapy. I wish there was more we could do about it but I have contacted my MP and they were not helpful at all.

    @Katie are you doing an appeal or re-applying? at this point im wondering if I should have re-applied.

  83. Any updates?

  84. Can anyone help me out… My son has been approved as of Jan 30th, No updates have been made on my account as of yet. I am beginning to get worried as several people on this blog and personal people in which i have contact with have stated that the changes to their CRA account had been made really quickly within max 3 days, nothing has been updated on my account. I called in to the CRA and asked if they have received my additional documentation to reassess my taxes and CDB up to the date of the year they have entitled us too. They had said they had received it. I know i am starting to sound like CRA works on a proactive way but we all know this not to be true. Just for clear of mind if anyone knows what i should do, that will be greatly appreciated.

  85. Hello, i found that my daughter has a learning disability since she was a baby but I never apply it…but now she goes to school K-6 and almost graduate in elementary her psychology told me that I can send a application to get some money from the government and help to pay her education and put her to special school for junior high to High school..the question is how many weeks before they approve my application for my daughter disability money from them…

  86. Hi Martin,

    I was approved on January 27th and nothing has changed on my account since either. My husband called them the other day because he is the one claiming me and they told him that it usually takes 8 weeks to get payment and that we should have something by the first week of April.

    We have both received letters just confirming that it has been approved, otherwise, no change online.


  87. @Jen It can takes months to get an approval an then months to actually get any back payments after that.

  88. @Diane

    Please keep me informed on any updates that occur on your MyAccount. I hope we see reassessment in progress soon as tax season is right around the corner.

  89. @Martin

    Will do Martin!


  90. Well after multiple calls to my Dr office and cra the dr sent the questionnaire cra didn’t get it I’m not waiting for my Dr to sign a copy of the questionnaire and resend this will be a year in April I’ve been t this

  91. @Diane

    Any updates on the reassessment? I wish there was a way to speed up the process.

  92. @Martin

    Not a thing here. I wish so too. I can’t tell you how many times a week I check to see if there are any updates. It’s crazy!

    As soon as I see any change I will come here to let you know. You do the same, ok? Thanks.


  93. @Diane

    Thanks, same here, I have been checking my account atleast 3 times a day spread through till CRA closing time and still no updates. Hopefully this week we get an update if not the week after sometimes they’re fast with these things.. i will rush here if i have any updates!

    Best of luck 🙂

  94. @diane

    I called my tax centre (Sudbury) they first said 11 weeks which would be April around the first week! Now they are saying 21 weeks! I guess now it is just a waiting game!

  95. @martin wow 21 weeks? they must be back logged or just extremely busy now with the tax season. I am still waiting for the retro from 2011 for both taxes and CDB. and its 8 weeks now..

  96. @tina
    Regardless, if they had told us 11 weeks then 11 weeks it is. Why tell us a date and keep pushing it back? Should they get fussy about their own promise we could simply just say listen to the phone calls since you say it is recorded! The wait for this part is going to drive me nuts.

  97. @Martin

    My husband called today and they told him that the NL tax centre is still on target for the first week of April so that would be about the same 8 weeks that he was told the first time he called after we were first approved.

    I hope the next time you call it goes back to the previous 11 weeks. They seem to bounce back and forth all over the place sometimes.

    Once I hear anything else or see any change, I’ll be back here to let you know regardless.


  98. @diane
    I got my sons CDB updated! I’m guessing it is for two (2) years as it is a small amount they are sending 🙂 things are progressing the amount will be deposited on March 20th!

  99. Hello, I recently, approximately 3 weeks ago mailed my application for the DTC. On the application I checked off for them to look into previous years. I received a message on the CRA webpage under My Account stating, “Thank you for your adjustment request for your 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008 returns. Once we review this information, we will inform you of the results.” Does this mean I was approved? I’m quite confused.

  100. @sandy it just means they have received your application and currently under review. Once you are approved it should say “you are entitled etc…””

    @Martin congrats! was it updated on Saturday?

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