Your Favourite Princess

I’d love to hear about which episode of Princess was your favourite and why. You can leave your comments here or go to the Facebook page and leave it under my question there. Here is a list of all the Princesses; rank the Princesses you enjoyed watching from 1-13 (1 being your favourite)… it’ll give us some good insight as we move to the next season… yes! Another season of Princess! Yeah.

Ashley: sets the kitchen on fire while planning her marriage to Kyle

Laura: the youngest Princess, still living at home

Courntey: the sporty Princess, hated being alone

Kezia: the make-up artist Princess who couldn’t stop shopping

Katie: The smoking, botoxing, Princess with the very ugly dog

Lee: The most regal of my Princesses

Krista: A beautiful Princess hiding under a ton of makeup

Julie: The 40-year-old Princess

Nicole: The single mom Princess who just needed to see the light

Jennifer: The giggling Princess who made her mother take out her garbage

Nicola: The Princes who told me to go f*** myself.

Neelam: The South Asian Princess, who was smart, gorgeous and very confused


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106 Responses to “Your Favourite Princess”

  1. avatar Burberry Says:
    June 7, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    Hi Gail:

    In the Princess ‘Kezia’ episode, Kezia was told the $400 skin care products were essentially the same ingredients (packaging, etc. the only significant difference). Your expert showed 3 items, totalling less than $20 for great skin care. 1 that I think was Nivea or Noxzema, but I couldn’t identify the other 2 products. The bottles were turned back towards the camera. Any chance you could share what the products were?! Thanks.

  2. I would love to see some “where are they now” follow ups. Some of the Princesses seem to be on the right track but I find myself wondering how long they are able to stick with the program.

  3. avatar Lea Butler Says:
    October 21, 2013 at 2:20 am

    I have a princess who is so entitled that when I tried to stand my ground and not give her my debt card so she could buy shoes for a job, but instead offered to go to Walmart and pay for them, she beat the crap out of me, and took my wallet, and pictures and pills. That was Friday. I had to go to the hospital for a CT Scan and Xrays. I had a concussion and lots of brusing. Its early Monday morning and I still don’t have my things back. She spent $223.00 off of my debit card, and i still have bills that automatically withdrawl on Tuesday, so I have to put money back into the account. I needed to change my accounts so no more money would go missing. I know that things haven’t gone her way lately, and I have given her money for school and gas, and trips to Amway convention. I don’t know what to do. She only owes $6000. at this time, and has great ideas on how to make money. She is a personal trainer. She has space to train clients, but counts of others to give her clients. Suggestions?

  4. My favourite Prince$$ from this first season was definitely Krista. Maybe it was clever editing but… once all that bar-hostess make-up came off, so did the entitled princessy fakeness. At first she came across as insincere and narcissistic and I thought her husband was a bit of an idiot for sticking around so long… but by the end, I was totally rooting for her. She really seemed like a fun, sweet person (she and her husband both) and I hope they make it!

    That having been said, it’s also fun to see Gail go up against a true hopeless bloodsucker. Though I wonder if some of the hopeless cases aren’t seriously mentally ill, and shouldn’t be doing reality TV…

  5. Hi!
    I just finished watching the show Love Trap and it was a girl named Ashley and her boyfriend Brandon. They look very similar to Ashley C and her boyfriend. I was wondering if it was them??

  6. I loved the show Pricness but can’t seem to find anywhere that I can watch it in the US. Can anyone help me with this!?


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