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Are you Financially Fit
We Inc.
The Dreaded B-Word
Gail's Guide to Holiday Shopping
The "Magic" Jars
Get Out of Odious Overdraft
Create the Illusion of Scarcity
Make Do Month
How to PASS
Managing Your Cash Flow ~ 1
Managing Your Cash Flow ~ 2
Managing Your Cash Flow ~ 3
Managing Your Cash Flow ~ 4

Life Happens

On Becoming Self-Employed – 1
On Becoming Self-Employed – 2
We're having a Baby
Staying Home with Baby
Caregiving - Part 1 of 5
Caregiving - Part 2 of 5
Caregiving - Part 3 of 5
Caregiving - Part 4 of 5
Caregiving - Part 5 of 5
It’s Time to Buy a Home
Gearing Up for Baby
You're Gonna Die
Aging Parents
Unhappiness & the Fear of Not Fitting In
Got a Raise?
Smart Ways to Deal with an Inheritance
Why are you in debt? - 1 of 4
Why are you in debt? - 2 of 4
Why are you in debt? - 3 of 4
Why are you in debt? - 4 of 4
Avoid Fraud

Love & Money

Money Matches - Part 1 of 4
Money Matches - Part 2 of 4
Money Matches - Part 3 of 4
Money Matches - Part 4 of 4
So, You’re Getting Married?

To Consolidate or Not to Consolidate
Coming Clean
Money Mistakes Couples Make
3 Reasons You Should NOT Co-sign

Smart Credit

When They Say They’re You
How to Read Your Credit Report
An Inside Look at How You Score
Are You in a Credit Crisis?
Nine Good Reasons to Borrow
Fixing Your Credit History
Gail’s 7 Rules for Debt Repayment
How Much is Your Debt Costing You?
Overdraft Protection
How credit cards calculate interest
Debt Relief
Should You Close your Credit Card Account?


So You Want to Go to College
How Much Debt CAN You Afford
What's the Alternative to Debt
Managing $$ for School
Cutting Costs at School
I'm In Debt - Now What?
Talking to Kids - Part 1 of 4
Talking to Kids - Part 2 of 4
Talking to Kids - Part 3 of 4
Talking to Kids - Part 4 of 4
Financial Focus in your 20s - 1
Financial Focus in your 20s - 2
Financial Focus in your 20s - 3
Financial Focus in your 20s - 4

Saving & Investing

20 Questions about Investing
The Lost Art of Saving
Markets Got You Spooked?
RRSP: Retire Richer Sooner Plan
Our Favorite Way to Save
RRSPs 101
How much do you want to have saved when you retire?
How greedy are you?
How committed are you?
How much time do you have?
The Investment Pyramid
Asset Mix

Just In Case

Plan Like a Pessimist
It's an Emergency

Disability Insurance

Travel Insurance
Common life insurance mistakes
How much insurance
Term vs Permanent Insurance
Are you Emergency Prone
Ways and Means

Smart Shopping

Extended Warranties
Should You Lease or Buy a Car
Thinking of Leasing a Car?
Choosing A Financial Guide
Shopping Consciously
Stop & Think Shopping

Finding Help & Hiring Help

Ways To Save

Save on Your Mortgage
Save on Your Bank Fees
Save on Your Move
Deduct Your Summer Camp Costs
Save on Airfare
Save on Your Electric Bills
Save on Your Gas
Save on Your Utility Bills
Deduct Your Moving Expense
Save on Homeowners' Insurance
Watch your Grocery Bill


A Brief History of Divorce
What are the Odds?
Traveling through Splitsville
Before the Petition for Divorce
Preceding with the Divorce Proceeding
Discoveries, Pre-trial & the Trial
Making a Divorce Plan
Divorce Petition Checklist
Collect Your Financial Info
Acrimony versus Cooperation
Collaborative Divorce
Divorce and the Kids
A Kibosh on the Conflict
The Emotional Divorce
Staying on Track Financially

Home Sweet Home

How Much Home Can You Afford?
How Much Down?
How Interest Rates Affect Your Costs
Mortgage Options to Think About
Payment Frequency
What Will You Buy & Where Will It Be?
Your Handy-Dandy Helpers
Hidden Costs When Buying a Home
Renting Versus Owning
House Poor

Kids and Money

Mom, Can I Have…
Baby See, Baby Do
Kids' Cash Management
Informal In-Trust Accounts
Charging Kids Rent
Prepping Kids - Part 1 of 4
Prepping Kids - Part 2 of 4
Prepping Kids - Part 3 of 4
Prepping Kids - Part 4 of 4
Talking to Kids - Part 1 of 4
Talking to Kids - Part 2 of 4
Talking to Kids - Part 3 of 4
Talking to Kids - Part 4 of 4