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When to Say Yes and How to Say No.


My New Book - Money Talks by Gail Vaz-OxladeYou know what I’ve found to be many people’s toughest money problem? The folks they share their money with!

I get loads of letters from people who can’t figure out how to get their brother out of their basement, their moms to stop hitting them up for money, or their mates to see that saving is important. The letters have a common theme: Gail, how do I get through to them?

Money Talks is my answer to how to tell your mate, your father, your best friend or your roomie it’s time for a change. Whether it’s brothers fighting over the future of the family cottage, roommates arguing over whose shopping is really making them late with the rent, or parents wondering when their adult child will ever leave the nest, the “money” gets blamed for what is actually our own inability to figure out the real problem and deal with it objectively.

With over 75 different scenarios I’ll help you see your own situation through stories that reflect what you’re experiencing. I’ll give you the language to negotiate effectively, and show you that for each problem there are steps you can take to find a solution.

Have a bully in your life? Wish your sister would grow the hell up and stop counting on you parents to save her butt? Want to tell your mate that dreaming is only the first step in making a better life? Money Talks will show you how.

I’ll bet that there are people you recognize as you read Money Talks—and one of them just might be you. !ndigo Chapters


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